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Hong Kong in fire.

Since the draft extradition bill was introduced in March, followed by peaceful rallies in millions demanding for withdrawal in June, and then some protesters resorted to radical anti-social action, the government has remained inert to any communication and understanding with a view to sorting out the public grievances. The use of high-handed tactic by the police in suppressing protests on the hand has failed the government in exercising good control of a society under a ‘only one country, no two systems’ ruling.

Despite the protesters are using violence, majority of Hong Kong still believe the government is to bear the blame. Everyone is expecting a special independent inquiry body, some are asking for recouping of the police force. While some of the People Liberation Army is seen to be on the streets, the Chinese authority is after a tighter grip on the ‘two systems’. Governance, security and jurisdiction are going onto the China side rather than Hong Kong’s own.

Hong Kong’s issue has been under global spotlight. Supporters of Hong Kong around the world have held several massive rallies in peaceful and rational manner inspiring their social movements such as in Catalonia of Spain, Indonesia, Chile etc. Hong Kong ‘s movement over the past months indeed has formed an significant chapter in human history of civilization. This also points to the potential global impact of China’s growing power. Hong Kong’s movement is changing western societies’ viewpoint on and relationship with China.

Several causalities directly or indirectly from the movement have caused much disturbances on the society over the past two weeks. Police entered into shopping malls and churches for arrests, they rounded up students in universities being icons of human freedom and advancement meaning Hong Kong is no longer a civilized society. Seeing a place where I was grown up now as such really makes me very sad. We can only hope our God of mercy will take care of and rescue people (and their families) suffering in Hong Kong. May righteousness be with Hong Kong and anyone in power not doing their job in good faith or violating human right be judged.


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