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請尊重言論自由 Respect freedom of speech

請尊重言論自由 Respect freedom of speech










Hong Kong overseas students around the world set up Lennon walls and display in campuses to tell about protests against the ‘extradition bill’ in Hong Kong in the hope of gaining some international support. Last week in the University of Queensland these students were intervened, harassed and even beaten by some Chinese students. On Monday, in the University of Auckland police were called in as a female student escorting the Lennon wall was knocked down.

From the network media clips Chinese overseas students emphasized Hong Kong belonged to China so they did not want to see these Hong Kong students fighting for the independence of the city. But the propaganda on display only asked the government to respond to the public’s demand on the proposed extradition bill and for the need of an independent investigation of the recent dramas.

After the UQ incident, Chinese Embassy supported the Chinese students by declaring it was an anti-Chinese movement staged by the Hong Kong students. Foreign Minister Payne stated that it was against Australian values for a foreign country to support suppressing freedom of speech by force.

In the UA incident, the female student might be local grown up who didn’t know Mandarin but then was humiliated for not knowing how to speak in Mandarin; this was a very egotistic and foolish behavior unwelcome in social networks.



More worrying is these Chinese students did not respect freedom of speech in Western countries, unless it is very against core global values. As Voltaire said:”I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,  ” But this could be something new to youngsters from China who resorted to bullying act. It made a difference if one was raised up in a place with no freedom of speech.



On deeper thinking, those display materials did not deny Hong Kong belong to China and there was no calling for independence. Those Chinese students should understand that to love our country does not mean we cannot criticize the government, and their deed was not accepted here in western democracy. Their uncontrolled violence to counteract different viewpoints was against the laws and could spoil their well earned study opportunity here.


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