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與自己及世界建立和平 Peace in us and the world

與自己及世界建立和平  Peace in us and the world




The world was shocked by the Easter Sunday bomb blasts at Sri Lankan Catholic churches and hotels have killed more than 300 people. The ISIS has claimed the responsibility but the Sri Lankan government admitted they had lead 10 days ago to tell external terrorist support were there to organise attack; but due to unforgivable lack of communication that the government did not take any precautionary measure to avoid the attack.


It now appeares that a local Islamic extremeists body aided by international force was responsible for the attack. They employed this fear and violent tactic on mass innocent public as an revenge on the suppression of their activities. Many terrorists are made up of nationalism, religious fanatics or revolutionary fighters.


Easter is here for us to remember God’s love by sending Jesus to earth and to resurrect three days after death so that we could have salvation from our sins. These are lessons of sacrafice and forgiveness for believers, showing them God’s love and presence of a saviour. Terrorist acts during Easter is there to destroy our faith on God’s love and salvation. Amid a designated time of peace, love and forgiveness, terrorists want us to go through bitterness of violence and hatred.

Irrespective of whether you have religion or not, we must have hope of life in order to keep walking amid challenges. Terrorism aims to make us no faith thus to give up facing violence.



The world’s hearts go with these victims and their loved ones. After the Christchurch shootings, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern addressed the Parliament saying: “Together we are One. They are us.” meaning we are with anyone who suffered, this is the meaning of love.


Some people’s daily lives are also trapped with bitterness. They only tell how others are doing harm on them and they always want a pay back. Just like those terrorists, these people keep cheating themselves and hurting others due to their perceived bitterness.


Only when we can release our bitterness, we can rebuild the peace with ourselves and this world.

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