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神仍然掌管 In God’s Hands

神仍然掌管In God’s Hands








Over these three months, Hong Kong has gone down a way of no return.

Right from the way that the government has been handling the extradition bill, the ‘one country two systems’ has gone. It started with the first Chief Executive Tung Kin-wah where the Chinese government respectfully did not intervene the governance of Hong Kong; the next CE Donald Tsang  was still relating Hong Kong public opinion to the Chinese government; then CY Leung pegged Hong Kong development to China; and lastly where Carrie Lam can only rely on the Police in coping with the prevailing social turmoil. Not before long all overseas Chinese would be seeing the ‘one country one system’ in Hong Kong.

People from China emphasise Hong Kong is part of China and any intention of flighting for independence is not practical and should deserve reprimand.  They came from a country where freedom has been a luxury and they have been long fed with the achievement of the Communist government where people have been saved from poverty and repression. The actual history was China did not turn strong right from the new government in 1949 but via a prolong period of suffering. Even to date many are still living under suppression and corruption, in fear and poverty. It will still be a great challenge for a few more generations of national leaders to make China a nation with freedom, justice, human right and dignity. Today’s history could be a turning point for whether Hong Kong can still play a part in this process.

Hong Kong was promised by the 1984 Sino British Joint Declaration for more democracy and self-governance; but this did not come true. Worst still is the uneven distribution of social wealth caused by the preferential treatment to the privileged business sector has caused greater hardship on the majority public. The loss of public trust and support has entailed such protests against the government. Starting from peaceful rally, the protests have turned nasty and violent.  Even if the chaos could be calmed down, Hong Kong would not be the same as before. Anyone originated from Hong Kong would feel sad about it. Those who support the government would blame the protestors for ruining the society. Those who pity the protestors would be angry with the irresponsible and incompetent government.

Is history really a path of no return? I believe our Creator God is in charge of history. History tells that in desperate and hopeless dark times, God is still in control.

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