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求寬恕與和平臨到香港 Plead for forgiveness and peace in Hong Kong

求寬恕與和平臨到香港 Plead for forgiveness and peace in Hong Kong



To date Hong Kong is still undergoing turmoil and violence. It started with people’s grumbles on unsatisfactory government administration and social movement to oppose the extradition bill. As the government failed their request, massive rally and protests followed. A group of radical youngsters followed up the protests by attacking government facilities which the government started repression.

特區警方以過分武力壓制年輕抗爭者後,抗爭者使用的暴力,亦相應增大,社會的對立及撕裂急遽加深。現時超過600人被捕,其中不少人將會失去自由,抗爭者中受傷不少,警察也有受傷。令香港人震驚的,是黑社會在警方視而不見之下,對無辜巿民進行暴力攻擊,令港人失去對警察的信任。警察進行無區別的拘捕及使用不對稱的武力鎮壓抗爭者,如大幅度使用催淚彈、橡膠子彈、及使用警棍摳 打手無寸鐵的示威者及巿民等,令人相信香港已進入警權管治。香港人形成了仇警心態,而示威者更以破壞社會秩序來逼使政府接納一直所提出的訴求。特區政府的無動於衷,令到它已失去港人的支持和認同。

The damage done on the society escalated as the police used excessive force and the protesters fought harder in return. For now 700 were arrested pending trials and injuries happened to both sides. More alarming and integrity-breaking was the police were staying away when gangland members attacked innocent public. The indiscriminate exercising of police power such as overuse of tear gas and rubber bullets on plain protesters has created public hatred on police. The protesters resorted into breaking law and social order to pressurize the government. Majority of the public has not been supporting the government’s indifferent attitude thus far.


The Chinese authority has been describing the situation as from a small group of law-breakers to a riot driven by external force aiming to impact on China’s sovereignty, and then as sign of terrorism as now. Majority of Hong Kong cannot settle for this and they feared for the interference from the China Liberation Army would destroy the ‘one country, two systems’ to the extent that Hong Kong will lose the limited political democracy and freedom all together, with the long lasted stability and prosperity becoming history. To many, this will be their nightmare since the 1997 handover. To us as immigrants, it will be a terrible time we feared so much to face that we made our hard decision to come over to Australia for a new start.


Hong Kong people want to fight for more democracy, freedom and personal safety through global support and consensus. But up against highly powered authority they stand no chance to succeed. At this critical moment, we have no time to make judgement on whose fault. We can only hope Creator God will walk with this beloved and closely associated city of us in love and mercy.

Let’s pray together that this city will move out from hatred and trouble in forgiveness and peace.


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