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How to tell the truth from news on Hong Kong?

Since May this year massive rallies against the extradition bill have been taking place in Hong Kong. Chief Executive Carrie Lam has been ignoring and relying on excessive police force in suppressing public demands. Now the society is filled with mistrust and hostility against the government.


Majority of the society want to express public opinion through peaceful, rational and non-violent means. But the response so far from the government is triggering stronger moves by the protesters, to the extent that they resort to some social disruptive actions. Seemingly the society’s stability is beyond government control.

Three months on Hong Kong people have been using various ideas to bring their issue to global attention. US President Trump hooked up this Hong Kong issue with the trade war with China. This encouraged Hong Kong protesters but at the same time planted uncertainties by annoying China.

Hong Kong immigrants in Australia are at distress too. Immigrants and overseas students from China here are showing their dissatisfaction on local protesters some of whom suffered physical harassment and cyber-bullying.

Why this happened? We can notice that as Chinese media has labelled these protests as ‘independence movements’ patriotism has been stirred up to counteract them. Indeed still now not much of the Hong Kong movements are directly against the China government ruling.

A closer look can tell that news circulating in China are not all the truths. People asked me how to tell which are true or not. Right it is not easy to tell. We can only tell as much as we can get from some reliable sources. Hence mass media’s integrity and accountability are very crucial.

Chinese cyber-media is in particular not trust-worthy. From experience many can tell that their message not welcome by Chinese authority could easily get blocked out. If so why should we believe in what came through from them are all the truths? They are just those the Chinese government wants us to believe.


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