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同路人語 583 善用我們手中的一票

同路人語 583
3月 23日新州大選,自由黨國家黨聯盟在選前不看好下,取得過半數席位,組成政府,令到兩黨聯盟更有信心面對過去一、兩年來,民調大幅被工黨抛離的低落形象,總理莫里森很可能會在4月7日公佈會於5月11日進行聯邦大選。不過新州大選亦暴露了國家黨在鄉村地區,失去了不少支持。持續的乾旱及勞動力欠缺,深深影響著鄉村社區選民對國家黨執政,能否改善他們的信心,轉而支持一些細小的政黨。

Make good use of our vote in hand

Liberal and National Coaliation Party unexpectedly won with majority in the NSW Election on 23rd March. To keep up the Coalition’s momentum up against their fall behind over the past one or two years, on 7th April, PM Morrison may call for a 11th May Federal Election. But the NSW election also revealed the National Party is losing grip in the rural areas where people may turn to some other minor parties amid persistent draught and lack of productivity.

Both the major parties are losing their primary votes in recent years and it has been easier to end up with a hanging government rather than a majority control of the Senate. Even a government was formed with marginal win it could be unstable thus difficult for them have a free hand on realising their election campaign promises. As in the prevailing government, there hardly has been smooth policy implementation but non-stop debate and controversy.

On thinking, this phenomenon came out from a self-centre mentality as people concern more about self-interest rather than the society. So if a politician offers something good for a minor group, he still got his support even though his policy is not in the overall interest of the society. So the society is becoming less cohearent in its development with diffierent politicains working for different isolated groups’ interest. The major party must consolidate all these interests to form government. So it is not easy for some costy policies of long term interest to get through.

So Australia today only got politicians who want their votes but possess no political vision and leadership. Chinese immigrants have political impact these days, in the coming Federal election we must aim to know more about the parties and use our wisdom to cast our vote for our better government, better society and better future.

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