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同路人語588 是就說是,不是就說不是



It is ‘yes’ or ‘no’










Spreading of deceitful information through the social media became a matter of concern over the federal election period.

Social media serves everyone to give and gain information. But it is no good if the content are subject to judgement given merely personal opinion unsupported by truth.

Some candidates’ causal comments made in their social network years ago were exposed for public criticism to the effect that they were knocked out in the campaign. It’s a pity that we are getting less and less privacy this age.


Indeed social network  is not a formal media but  interpersonal communication channel. Unlike proper public media  social network media   has  its privacy to some extent  yet  could have a widespread impact same as public media. Unfortunately rules governing  public media cannot be enforced on social network. Say in WeChat any information  could be spread in social circles one after another non-stop without anyone in a position to check on the source and reliability of the information.


Society has monitoring systems in place to check on public media. Radio and television operating on public air channels are subject to licensing regulations. Operators and the government are obliged to satisfy the public that there is quality control in place. Newspaper and magazine are also subject to regulations governing  defamation and advertisement;  as well as scrutiny on the integrity on the published information. Social network however  can widely spread  out through individuals without any check.

Smartphones and social network apps have made spreading of information too quick too easy. Many Chinese rely too much on WeChat as their daily source of information. Interestingly many of them do not care about them as reportedly only up to 1% of the message bank are opened up for reading.

Eventually we cannot distinguish truth and myth around us. It is very worrying for people to lose interest in finding out the truth because of this.


The Bible teaches us “All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’”. Deception spread via the social media are lies made to everyone of us.



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