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同路人語587 新政府 新氣象



新政府 新氣象

New government, New beginning









Last week’s federal election marked a new era of Australia.

Over the past 12 years disappointingly in total of five PM’s were knocked downed by their own colleagues. Gillard only formed minority government after pulling down Rudd. He became the Foreign Secretary and plotted his come back in the succeeding election. But the electorates were sick of their self interests thus the Labor Party was voted out six years ago. The Coalition followed the same step as when Turnbull overthrew Abbott to form his government but only with a margin of one seat with a total of 76 seats compared with the 90 seats of the previous election. Nine months ago right wing members of the Coalition sent Turnbull off; that chaos indeed offered the Labor Party a trump card in hand to win.

The public was frustrated over the past 12 years seeing the parliamentary members of the two major parties putting personal interests ahead of the nation’s.The Liberal thankfully ended up with Treasurer Morrison as a loyan fan of Turnbull as PM. His honesty and loyalty gained him some support; and he kept telling Shorten’s policy direction would lead the country into heavy tax.

The election outcome surprised everyone as the Coalition won with the number of MPs even more than the last one amid the very discouraging poll result so far. The new government would end up with new blood given that some down-hearted veteran party members left, while some heavy-weighted figures such as Julian Banks, Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull were out. Throughout the election campaign, Morrison persisted in his personal commitment of serving the country, as opposed to Shorten’s mere vision without realistic financial plan.The public support and command gathered by Morrison would enable him to regain unity in and muscle of his new government for a better future of Australia.


For Chinese, our first member of Parliament was born as Gladys Liu originated from Hong Kong won in Chisholm where 20% of the population is Chinese. We wish she can serve to her best in the new government; and hopefully her success could encourage more Chinese to take part in politics. Since March last year, Gladys had been joining us in hosting community program in Cantonese via FM94.1 ‘SameVoice Sameway’ on a bi-weekly basis. We hope she would continue bridging Chinese community with the mainstream society and helping Chinese immigrants to integrate better for our better future in our new found place.


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