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同路人語 590 希望Hope

同路人語 590



The ‘No China Extradition’ movement in Hong Kong has been attracting global attention these days. Millions turned up peacefully on street to express their lack of security, freedom and protection under the proposed bill given the government failed to ease their concern. Many youngsters feel desperate about their future and some took drastic action, resulting in a divided society as public order lost control. It was a pity that over the past weeks three young people surrendered their lives as they felt hopeless about the situation. Although the legislation has been put on hold after the rallies, top government officials’ persistent reluctance in showing sincere regret and rectification could not contain public pressure. The storming of the LegCo by a few hundreds on 1st July revealed a very gloomy future of Hong Kong.

不過,我相信這世間仍有盼望。六個小時之內,超過30000 港人,眾籌了670萬港元,在全球9個國家20多份刊物,在G20峰會期間,刊登廣告,向全世界人訴說他們爭取自由及民主的故事。在大阪G20峰會中,日本首相安倍晉三,在中國事先表明不能提出討論有關香港狀況下,仍表達了對香港情況的關注。有在澳洲港人,把抗議的宣告,潛到水底放進大堡礁水底,表達了在地球深處,仍要表達自己的意見。不少國家領袖,對於香港人所表現出以和平、理性及非暴力方法去進行抗爭,爭取自由及民主,表達欣賞及認同。

But I still have hope in the world. In six hours, 30,000 people in Hong Kong raised a total of HK$6.7 million for producing over 20 publications and propaganda materials in nine countries over the Osaka G20 Summit period to tell the world their stories of fighting for freedom and democracy. Even with China statement that no Hong Kong issue should be covered by the Summit, Japan PM Shinzo still expressed his concern. In Australia some HongKongers dived into deep Great Barrier Reef water to lodge their protest proclamation. Many world leaders showed their appreciation of the Hong Kong’s peaceful and rational way of mass protest for the causes of freedom and democracy.


Many are not that optimistic about China’s granting of more freedom and democracy to Hong Kong. China is at a time of catching up with US as world political and economical leader, and with internal tension building up in political rivalry and economical growth, control of Hong Kong policy will be dealt with seriously so Hong Kong destiny has been set. Another round of immigration will come.


But I still believe God is in full control of human history and He will intervene to save us. This hope is grounded on our knowledge and encounter with our Creator. We hope you all can find this hope with our God amid hopeless circumstances of different kinds.

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