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Bargaining for a greater influence

Raymond Chow

The Treasurer’s budget announced last week proved to be favorable in drawing back some support for the government falling behind in recent polls. PM Morrison emphasized the Liberal’s key policies on the economic growth amid global downturn, tax cut, surplus and major infrastructure projects. He has been campaigning on the May federal election for a better future under his government. Opposition leader Shorten promised the same tax cut and more funding on health benefits especially for cancer patients, wage rise and an environmental sustainability on high ground. Yet his credibility needs to be substantiated by actual and effective means of achieving it.

This financial budget has become an election pledge in favor of the government but ultimately it depends on Morrison’s further commitment. Over the past six years, Liberal politicians were seen in conflicts more than in governances. It will take more than a budget to change the tide. On the other hand, Labor has not been doing his watchdog job properly. Many people indeed are not happy either with the Liberal National Coalition or the Labor, hence it could end up with a minority government with more independent members joining in. As we pointed out that both of the major parties are not willing to engage more Chinese politicians nor funding more on multiculturalism, Chinese electorates are not well represented and taken care of.

It is almost certain that there will be more independent and representatives from minor parties in the Senate. Although it won’t be hard to pass bills in the House of Representatives, yet it still needs 76 senators representing the seven states/territories to say yes before enactment. If the government cannot hold majority in the Senate, support from minor parties will be crucial thus they will have a bargaining power with the government. Chinese in general support conservative and traditional values. For our voices to be heard, we need to send in more of these  candidates in support of our culture and value into the Senate as our advocates in our interest.

If we cannot count on the major parties, I think a better way for our voices to be heard is to uphold candidates who feel more concern of the ethnic minority.

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