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同路人語 582 仍有夢想的人 周偉文









People with dreams

An Ethiopian 737Max8 Airlines jet has crashed shortly after take-off from the capital city of Addis Ababa heading to Nairobi in Kenya, killing all 157 on board. With another plane of the same model was involved in a crash just four months ago, the world was shocked and these planes were grounded in many countries pending a thorough investigation while Boeing’s share price dips.

Notedly 22 out of the victims were scheduled for the UN’s Environment Assembly in Nairobi. Secretary-General of the UN Guterresexpressed his deepest condolences and declared a one-minute-silence at the beginning of the assembly. This was a hard blow to the UN.

Nairobi is a hub city in Africa with frequent visits by UN and international volunteering organizations as their base to deliver assistance to the continent. Actually, many Chinese also come to Nairobi because of China’s recent ‘The Belt and Road Initiative’. Eight of the crash victims were Chinese including Victor Tsang from Hong Kong who for the UN Environmental Branch. Aged 37, he has a long-standing vision of making Africa a better place. Just now many of his friends are promoting his vision and mission on global peace in Hong Kong media which touches many hearts.

Victor is a nice Christian who joined the World Vision right after graduation, involving Shaanxi poverty improvement projects. He met his wife in church and both joined the UN, willing to give themselves for a better world. He was passionate in environmental protection at the community level, serving as guest lecturer in universities, as a living example of his vision. One of his friend recalled their conversation on the means to change Africa, his answer was “ I can’t do it by myself, but I can make impact on a small community and all the way to change the world!”

Victor’s story reminds us of many people around us are still passionate about the world with their dreams, that makes them so different from the majority who just take money and profit as the only concern.


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