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同路人語 578 平等與相同 周偉文

                年已90歲,在34時已獲取諾貝爾獎,被稱為DNA之父的學者華生(James Watson)在上週六,因為在一齣記錄片中,重申他認為黑人的智力不及白人,他相信這些差異是由於遺傳引起,被他曾任職數十年的冷泉研究所褫奪榮譽校長、奧利弗雷德格雷斯退休教授和榮譽信託人三個頭銜。






Equal vs The Same

James Watson as the pioneer in DNA science won his Nobel Prize at the age of 34. Now aged 90, he was stripped away three honorary titles by Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory in which he had worked for decades. The cause was in a documentary last week he reiterated his belief that black people are born as not intelligent as white people.

As a scientist, Watson has enormous knowledge and contribution. His profound research in DNA science has revealed much among human races. In a 2007 Times interview, he said development in Africa was worrying because all social policies were built on a wrong premise that they have the same IQ as in western societies. On this racist speech, he lost his research post. Despite his subsequent apology, his reiteration of the same speech ripped him off from his granted titles by the institute.


Watson is not a racist; but a politically-blind scientist. In 2007 he made suggestions on African development from a scientist’s viewpoint. He lost his job because this viewpoint contradicted with ‘all people are equal’. His insistence this round made him lost all his final honors.

All are equal, although not all are the same. Anyone with basic psychology know-how understand how IQ is to be affected by cultural and social factors. So IQ assessment disparity on black and white people has no impact on their equality. Equal does not mean the same.


Recent social trend is to promote ‘everyone should be taken as the same’ such as in marriage, study, job to the extent that equal means the same. The Bible tells that we are all God’s precious creation in equity. But each and every of us is uniquely not the same as any other.

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