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Welcome to Rejoice Community Care

Raymond Chow

Looking back. it is a special year, towards the end of it


From February last year I have been monitoring the state government’s consultation and planning of the new aged care facility. On 5th October this year when the chosen organisation was announced, Sameway was the only media raising concern on the appropriateness and demanding an explanation from the government on the openness of the process. On 22nd October the Victorian Labor Party promised a 8.25 million-grant for the purpose. For the past 14 years, our vision remains to become a quality Chinese media with an impact on our society. I can see God’s work through us.

From March this year, the air time of Rejoice on Air has increased from two to eight hours and will be further up to 12 hours by February last year. In November we launched the ‘Rejoice@Sameway’ mobile app for the convenience of our audience.

To strengthen our community involvement since start of this year, we hosted our Manningham Lunar New Year fun fair tying up more than 20 community bodies at the MC Square. In our annual anniversary November this year we held a carnival at Boxhill to displayed our elderly, health and carer services.

From mid-year onwards, we promote the “Support our Paramedics” movement in special columns about their work and challenges as well as the wider use of defibrillator in public places. Last week we initiated the Black Saturday 10th anniversary to raise the awareness and safety measures of bush fire to Chinese communities.

All these activities are based on the primary visions of Sameway in serving the community with our faith. Many might see Christianity is one of many religions confined to words; but we are sure Christians must use action to demonstrate their faith. James teaches us that faith without deed is dead. Sameway as a community publication in action serves as a witness of our faith.

Next year we hope more Christians will join in our Rejoice@Sameway ministry in serving the community with our faith for Chinese in Australia. Please contact us if you are interested.


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