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同路人語 586 應該有更高質素的中文媒體

同路人語 586

應該有更高質素的中文媒體Should have Chinese media of better quality



Next weekend comes our Federal Election. A lot of media coverage was made on Chinese candidates over this campaign period. The PM, opposition leader and many candidates made use of the WeChat platform to launch publicity and attack. Many Chinese are keen to join in the group discussion. Election materials of all kinds keep filling up network media like WeChat.


Despite WeChat’s low reputation as a quality and responsible media platform, it appeals many small businesses as a cheap and effective advertising channel. Numerous hits were achieved through exaggerating messages yet without achieving a good outcome, apart from making a micro impact. Many political messages through WeChat are not accurate for informed understanding of the election. We must rely on quality information at a cost.


Indeed many Chinese media on Australian social and living understanding are of low quality. The writing was primarily produced in China and then was crudely translated at a low cost inevitably at a low standard. Particularly if the translators are those lacking local living experience here their writing would not be readable and representative.


A Chinese website publish a malicious critic on Liberal candidate Gladys Liu through hasty translation of an English media report. The message turned out on WeChat propaganda to call her Ms Lau. Obviously the Chinese translator wrongly based on a Mandarin pronunciation of ‘liu’ to end up with ‘Lau’. Many of the Australian news through WeChat were produced and translated by Chinese with sub-standard English back in China, thus resulting in low credibility and integrity.


This issue surfaces in this Federal Election as when a lot of translation was made on the campaign materials. After working in the Chinese media for so many years, I am so sad to see such an unsatisfactory level of the industry standard as now in here.


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