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盼政府能從善如流                       社長    周偉文



新冠病毒是人類要一起面對的新事物,有科研學者認為病毒已產生了變異,傳播速度加快了。全球爆發個案大幅增加,每一天增加超過  250,000,每一個國家都要謹慎面對,一些疫情受到控制的國家亦不能掉以輕心。



The government must act in the interest of the public

Victoria has sparked our second wave of coronavirus over these two weeks. It was mainly caused by the poor management of the government in the hotel quarantine of incoming passengers and the failure in educating ethnic minorities on the pandemic. Amid the chaos, the government has foregone the insistence that facial masks are not necessary in controlling the spread. Thus even it is not taken as a compulsory measure at least the government encourages putting on reusable cloth coverings in public areas.
For several months it has been our slogan ‘my mask protects you and yours protect me’. We also favour reusable facial cover given we may not have unlimited supply of disposable medical masks. Since April we have been promoting DIY masks in order not to affect the health sector supply.
This virus is new one that requires the concerted attention of the globe. Scientific study tells has mutated into a more powerful one. Every country is facing its explosive impact adding 250,000 new cases every day. No country even in a stabilised state should take it lightly .
As an isolated huge island Australia has been doing quite well in tackling the spreading. It is the Victorian government’s responsibility in causing this disturbing situation. Premier Andrew for now is keen on imposing lockdown but it is no good for not following up the accountability of the mistake. This could end up with a political crisis.
Likewise the failure of the federal government in well informing ethnic minority communities on the pandemic is a mistake, more so as the officials just tried to deny and shed the responsibility. In response to charge from the media over the past weeks, their official messages to the communities maintained the same hypocrite answer of doing enough.
The government should now double down resource on community information through local media and organisations. Australia as a multicultural nation must take care of ethnic minorities in particular during this critical time of needs. This is a trying time where the government must take on all community power from all sectors of the society in the interest of the whole nation.

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