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同路人語 636 – 進入選舉狀態 Into election mode


繼在兩年前於法國出席了G7會議後,  莫里森總理再次獲邀請,出席了在英國Cornwall的G7會議。澳洲是經濟小國, 沒有甚麼資格參與這些經濟大國的對話, 連續被邀請出席兩屆會議, 表明了澳洲在太平洋的位置舉足輕重, 特別是西方國家, 面對中國經濟及軍事上實施「大國崛起」政策時, 在亞太地區澳洲可以扮演的角色。

在過去數年, 澳洲與中國關係緊張, 澳洲多次就香港及新彊的人權問題及新冠疫情問題, 發表意見, 引來中國在經濟貿易進行制裁, 兩國關係雪上加霜。當然, 中美角力影響著全球各國經濟, 而過往一年半, 全球在新冠疫情影響之下, 國與國的外交關係及國家實力也起著變化。因此澳洲與各重視民主制度及人權的國家, 如何合作, 一起面對這重要時刻, 相信是極為關鍵。

莫里森總理在這時期出訪, 若能在全球面對新冠疫情、經濟合作、氣候變化及民主人權問題上, 取得對澳洲及全球有利的合作, 相信會提升他在國民的支持及信任。其實, 在過往數月, 莫里森的支持度有輕微下降的趨勢, 對於將要來臨的大選, 構成了一定壓力。總理能否藉著出席G7來扭轉這趨勢, 我們可以拭目以待。

不過, 聯邦政府最近推出, 在7月1日開始實施, 有關Medicare的改革, 修訂多項手術及藥物的補助, 若能為國民接受, 相信也是為大選舖路。而上週聯邦警察與FBI進行有史以來最大規模, 針對海外毒品輸入澳洲的跨國行動Operation Ironside, 令人感到聯邦政府對國民生活安全的重視, 亦會提升聯盟黨政府的支持。

最近聯邦政府在推動疫苗接種計劃, 推出各項提高接種率的政策, 加快了澳洲國民接種疫苗的速度, 及大量購入疫苗等。 這些政策若能見效, 將會令澳洲社會能盡快回復到正常, 解決新冠病毒對澳洲社會經濟的打擊及對國民生命健康的威嚇。

可以見到, 莫里森政府已經進入了競選連任的狀態。對澳洲人來說, 可以看一下工黨會拿出甚麼政策來說服澳洲人, 來支持他們吧。

周偉文, 社長

Into election mode

After attending last G7 summit two years ago in France, PM Morrison was invited to attend this round in Cornwall. Australia is just a small entity in comparison to these big nations in terms of economy scale. The participations indicated that Australia’s important presence in the Asia Pacific region especially to the western worlds at a time of China’s uprising.

The relation between Australia and China has been tense over the past few years. It worsen after Australia raised concerns on the Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Covid-19 issues while China retaliated with trade sanctions. The international diplomatic state of play has changed a lot as a consequence of the pandemic and Sino-US conflict. It is a critical moment for Australia to work out the nation’s position amongst the others who value democracy and human right.

If Morrison’s trip can bring upon favourable outcome in frontiers of Covid, economy, climate change and human right, then his government could win national support and trust. Actually his popularity has been dragging over the past months not in the interest of re-election. We will see how his G7 performance can help.  

The federal government’s reform on Medicare from 1st of July adjusting some surgical and paramedical subsidies indeed could have aimed on the re-election. The recent joint operation (Operation Ironside) between the federal police and FBI on international drug crime was also a good gesture on the government’s regard to social order.

Lately the federal government has been working hard to speed up the vaccine rollout and the increase of supply of vaccines. If satisfactorily done Australia would then be able to resume normality by staying away from the economic and health threats of the pandemic.

Well the Morrison government is already into an election mode. Let’s see how the Labor Party would come up with their strategy for the election.

Raymond Chow, Publisher