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新的挑戰 New Challenges



經過聖誕及新年假期,拜登成為美國總統, 開展後特朗普時代。全世界等待的, 是美國新政府, 以那一種態度面對中國的崛起, 及後新冠時代, 全球的經濟及政治環境。相信在很快, 我們就會看到澳洲回應對美國及中國的新外交關係, 作出相應的調整。在澳洲,新冠疫苗會在不久開展使用,新冠常態時代將會來臨, 不過澳洲社會將有怎樣的改變, 相信仍很難預測。

肯定的是,澳洲的邊境在短時間內不會重開,旅遊業、國際教育、及國際貿易都會受到影響。在過去20多年來推動澳洲經濟增長的大規模移民政策,及鄉郊地區發展等, 立時都要作出調整。華人移民增長相信會放緩,澳洲能否在短時間內調整經濟結構,還未可知。中澳關係最近的緊張狀態能否有轉變,仍是一個變數。生活在澳洲的華人,將面對更多、更大的挑戰。

不少華人,都相信自己的根在於中國,在中國變得強大時,很多人都把中國看成為自己的祖國,西方人也有這樣誤解。殊不知華人200多年前已大規模地離開中國,前往世界各地定居。今天在澳洲的華人,其實是來自四方八面。他們中間, 有是超過160年前留下來的淘金客的後代,也有是從東南國家如越南、馬來西亞、新加坡、柬埔寨、寮國、印尼等地來的華僑, 更有是害怕共產政權從澳門、香港、台灣等地來的華人,亦有從成為留學生,就在這裏建立自己將來的年青一代。他們都不一定有中國人的身份,而在中澳關係緊張時,懷疑他們與中國的接觸,看成為威脅澳洲國家安全,是絕對的錯誤。


擔任社團組織職位,是個人的自由選擇,是否這樣就違反澳洲法例,仍未可知。對華人社區會帶來甚麼影響,還待評估。不過,我們既然移民到了澳洲,加入了這一個多元文化社會,就要融入, 與社會共榮。我相信在這裏生活的華人,值得花更多心思和力量, 去探索自己的前路,該如何走下去。

New Challenges

After the Christmas/New Year break a post-Trump era starts with Biden becoming the US president. The world waits to see how his new government treats the uprising of China, the unfolding of the pandemic and the global economic/political situation.

One thing for sure is the Australian border won’t be opened soon, international travel, education and trade will be impacted. The massive immigration program that had benefited our economic growth over the past 20 years, same as with our rural development, came to a halt. Chinese immigration will slow down, and change in our economic infrastructure is uncertain in foreseeable future.

Many Chinese here have close origins in China. When China is powering up both Chinese and westerners tie them together. Since the massive emigration of Chinese 200 years ago, today we have Chinese of every kind including generations from those migrated here for the gold rush over 160 years ago, and those from many SE Asian countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Liao, Indonesia etc., as well as people from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan in fleeing from communist threat, even with overseas Chinese students who have decided to stay behind for good. Not all of them carry any proper Chinese tie or identity; so it is wrong to assume they would be a threat to Australia when they came into contact with the Chinese government amid bad Sino-Australian relation.

Since China became UN members in the 70’s, most Chinese community organisations besides those with Taiwan background used to have close contact with the Chinese government, and some community leaders also work with the United Front Work Department. The passing of the foreign intervention bill passed two years ago in Australia has made the life of these post holders difficult.

It is a personal choice to work as leaders of community organisation and it is not clear whether this could lead to illegal activities. The impact on Chinese community still needs to be seen. But as immigrants to this multicultural society we must integrate to reap. I think we Chinese should spend more time and effort to work out our future direction.

Raymond Chow, Publisher