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同路人語 625 – 明天會更好

It will be a better year




2020年將盡, 回顧這些日子, 整個世界變得不再一樣。

有誰想過大部份時間會留在家工作? 各行各業, 都要慢下來, 非必要的, 甚至不能繼續。有誰想過, 大家要通過視像軟件, 進行學習、會議、看病、社交閒聊、崇拜、展覽、談生意等? 社群生活只存在虛擬平台之中, 人只能與同住的家人一起生活, 不少人甚至只能長期獨處。有誰想過會恐懼接觸其他人, 戴上口罩, 保持距離, 並且要隨時進行檢測, 確認自己沒有感染到影響無法估計, 無法確定會復原過來的不可知病毒? 生命不再是可以被確定, 不知自己擁有的健康、朋友、事業, 會否還有明天。

無論如何, 今天科學家告訴我們, 在很短時間內我們會有疫苗, 可以對抗這新冠病毒。只要假以時日, 在接種之後, 我們就不再受到威嚇, 一切可以重新回到常態之中。 當然在未來數個月, 在等待疫苗的過渡期之中, 我們仍要小心謹慎, 不過總算是見到惡夢的盡頭。可以肯定的, 是明年是重建一切的一年。

澳洲在這一年中, 總算是有驚無險地經過, 為能生活在這國家之中而感恩。生命被重視, 每一個受感染的個案, 都鞭策著政府要更努力。人受到尊重, 在困難之中的人, 不少人可以得到政府的援助。在社會中的不少故事, 告訴我們在外地來的異鄉人, 也有人關心, 施予照顧。在困難之中, 家都樂意戴上口罩, 為別人的好處, 限制了自己的自由。大部份的人, 都留在家中, 去保護別人。

明年我們會面對社會將重新啟動, 經濟活動再次發展。不過現時世界局勢緊張, 澳中關係處於冰點, 人仍然無法隨意離開或進入澳洲, 相信復蘇並不容易。在世界仍未完全走出新冠疫情的陰影之下, 澳洲人過去的付出, 令到我們的經濟及社會系統仍然是有效地運作。而且我們只需要有勇氣, 並且同心協力, 作出新的嘗試, 努力開拓新的巿場, 我相信澳洲仍有很大的發展空間。

華人只要能看到我們的將來, 是在澳洲這一個國家之中, 願意投入在這裏發展, 成為多元文化澳洲的一份子, 我相信開拓更對好的將來, 是可以實現的。

祝各位讀者, 明年會更好!


It will be a better year.

The whole world is not the same as we look back at the end of 2020.

Who could imagine we all have to stay at home for work? All trades and businesses have to slow down if not halted. Who would have thought we need to do our learning, meeting, medical appointment, social gathering, worship service, exhibition and business talk all through a video software. Social life is only on a virtual platform, we can only meet people of the same household, and none if living alone. Who would believe we have to fear of coming close to others, by wearing a mask and social distancing, and fear of contracting a virus of so much uncertainties? Life is never taken for granted, so is our health, friends, job and tomorrow.

For now scientists tell us that we are getting the vaccines soon to combat this virus. We can expect our normal life to resume with no more fear. Of course we need to keep vigilant over the next few months before the vaccines can bring us to the other end of the tunnel. For sure we will have a new year to start with.

We are blessed to have gone through this year in Australia. The government treasures lives and all reported cases were seriously attended to, and so for attention be given to support people’s living in hardship. There have been stories even for outsiders to receive care and support. Everyone is willing to put on a mask and to stay at home, for the sake of the community as opposed to personal right.

By next year we have to kick start our society and economy. But amid a tense global situation with deteriorating Australian Chinese relationship, freedom of movement is still limited and recovery could not be easy. Until the whole world is free from the Covid threat, Australia needs to count on our own effort to run our social and economic systems well. On this I think Australia has plenty of room ahead if we have the courage and joint effort to brave in our new markets.

Chinese in Australia must see our future by committing ourselves here as part of the Australian multiculturalism, then we will have a better tomorrow.

We wish all readers a better new year 2021!

Raymond Chow, Publisher