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Federal government should help Victorians out

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrew offered to the State his ‘4-step Roadmap’ out of lockdown. Most of us feel disappointed and upset because until 26 October we would still be with curfew and on our own.
Prolong home isolation saddens people and could cause mental issue. The State government has put in resources to help those in needs, but it is not easy to acquire services whilst in lockdown. Psychologists and counsellors find it ineffective to work through video connection.
Isolation could also trigger domestic violence. The government even allows victims to leave home for help during curfew, and allows offenders be evicted from the dwelling.
Students bound at homes in their online learning are burdens to working parents as they cannot concentrate in their working. Those requiring team work find it hard and tiring to maintain good working communication. Work supervisors find it difficult to manage their teams. Government services are kept at the minimum.
Besides most basic services are halted, most worrying is many small and retail businesses are closed. Owners without business income apart from government’s ‘job-keeper allowance’ are hard hit least for paying their rents. This situation would drag on for a while, and even on re-opening it is not optimistic that spending level could comfortably resume. Some owners choose just to wind down businesses in view of the uncertainty leading to more unemployment.
It is true that the government must rely on lockdown to combat virus spread but economy downturn must not be overlooked. More business support must come from the federal and state governments to restart Victorian economy after October. These governments must work together in offering more capital subsidy, and not pointing to each other. Victoria’s economic output accounts for 25% of the national total. Australia cannot be in good form if Victoria comes down.

Raymond Chow


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