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疫症影響移民生活                                        社長   周偉文








Pandemic impacting on immigrants                          Raymond Chow (Publisher)

Last Friday PM Morrison announced an immigration quota of 36,000 for 2020-2021 meaning a cut of 85% from the 2018-2019 level.

In March/April our national unemployment rate reached one million. The mainstream society is in support of this because it is highly uncertain of how our economy would recover after the pandemic, so less immigrants would help more Australians in getting back to the work market. Some people are of the view that more immigrants means higher social activities thus more employment opportunities. Prolong cutting of immigrants will lower economical growth and may worsen recession and the labour market.

Morrison stated the cut would only be a short-term national strategy; yet inevitably the coming intake would not be the same as in the past 20 years. Say investment immigrants would still be welcomed for new job opportunities, so would be immigrants with skilled expertise for our industries or those ready to go into rural area all for a better economy. Overseas students freshly graduated would stand little chance.

Chinese immigrants over the past 20 years have been vital. Given the pandemic situation and the Chinese aggressive foreign policy are unfavourable to a smooth Australian-Chinese relation, there will be measures introduced to tighten the integration of Chinese migrants into the mainstream society. For example, many of them rely on WeChat and Taobao for moving capital money and doing transactions without going through the Australian internet banking/shopping websites. So they are still living inside the cyber world under the control of the Chinese government and thus being fed with social information from the other side of the world; this is not what Australian government would prefer.

Immigrants into this democratic and free nation should endeavour to embrace multiculturism here by actively engaging into the local society and open themselves for normal social interactions. It may not be easy due to different language and cultural background, but it worth the effort for settling in this nice land with a better future.

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