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休息、再上路 Rest and Move On




為配合我們目前的發展,「歡欣。同路人」會在下週開始搬遷到位於Nunawading 火車站旁的新辦公室。只要兩分鐘你就可以從Nunawading 車站進到我們的辦公室,更方便機構及電台各義工及學習中心的學生。搬遷後,歡欣書室計劃會更全面地提供其他語言的聖經、福音禮品及傳福音的工具,我們正在尋覓適當的地點,繼續更全面的多元文化福音工作,現時我們會暫停提供服務一段日子。




Five years ago, by faith we had moved with Rejoice organization intor Forest Hill [email protected] Activity Centre, hoping to extend our service to the community through various large scale activities. With unforseeable circumstances we are now making some adjustment. With development of big data through network, smartphone technology and social marketing initiatives, Sameway is not a biweekly publication. With many competitiors left the market and the dramatic decrease in distribution of other publications, Sameway has insisted in quality content and steady distribution , we have the support of the advertising clients and the influence of Sameway has been dramatically increased.

Last year, we have monitored the performance of the various governments and reflecting Chinese opinions in various elections. Through our hard work, the Victorian and Commonwealth government have committed a total of 15.5 million in building a Chinese nursing home in boxhill area. This is a historical success for a Chinese community media in Australia. We are now pushing the Victorian government to establish a Holistic Supporting Centre for CALD communities to provide services to the migrant communities. We hope this can be realized in coming years. With Rejoice organization as partners, we have broadcasted 8 hours Chinese programs a week in FM94.1 andf FM97.4 and is now an established brand for “SameVoice Sameway”. With the closure of Cantonese program by 3CW in recent months, SameVoice Sameway is the major Cantonese radio program in Melbourne other than the provision by SBS. We hope that more volunteers will join this meaning radio program to serve the Chinese community. Rejoice Community Centre has provided various community learning programs and we are expecting to provide more vocation oriented programs to help Chinese migrants to find work here.

With our recent developments, [email protected] Activity Centre will move to a new office at Nunawading next to the railways with just two minutes walk. This will be more convenient for our volunteers and students. We hope that we can also find a more suitable place in future to continue the work of Rejoice Bookstore to provide bible and Christian resources in different languages for other CALD communities. Meanwhile we shall stop the ministry of bookstore for a while.

Starting from 1997 with a Christian bookstore to serve Christians and churches, to founding Sameway in 2004, Rejoice Community Centre for community learning and community broadcasting since 2009, we are moving towards our mission to “bring faith to our community and to serve our community with faith”. Now we are adjusting, consolidating and moving on our next stage. We hope the supporters of Rejoice ministry, and readers of Sameway as an independent, non-political and community building magazine will continue support us to continue onwards.

Next week, we shall move to our new premise and Sameway will continue next January. We wish all our readers a merry Christmas and a blessed new year ahead. We also wish that you will experience peace and joy in this holiday seasons. We also hope that this peace especially will be with our friends and relatives in our homeland no matter Hong Kong, Taiwan, China or variouis SE Asian countries.

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