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Seize the opportunity

美國財長耶倫上週訪華, 並沒有帶來中美兩國的合作或妥協的消息。耶倫提出了中國產能過剩, 在電動車、電池及太陽能板上向全世界傾銷, 將影響美國及歐洲的工業, 表明了美國會聯同歐洲各國採取行動應對, 將在未來與中國很有可能進一步發生貿易戰, 以保護歐美國家的工人生計。中國立時否認, 表明並不存在傾銷情況,也不會理會產能過剩的存在, 將增加政府對這些企業的經濟支持, 表明了中國不會退讓。不過, 中美兩國仍盼望能保持合作的關係,因此分析家相信在短期間,兩國不會發展成全面敵對的情況。

對於澳洲來說, 中國近期呈現出友善態度。三月底中國取消了對澳洲紅酒的關稅, 相信很快對龍蝦及牛肉的入口也會放寬, 澳洲期望可以進一步恢復與中國的全面貿易關係。不過, 澳洲政府亦表明,在未來會開拓其它出口巿場, 不願意受單一獨大的巿場所限制。事實上, 在美國對中國實施高科技出口限制之下,不少工廠已開始離開中國, 移到其他東南亞國家。澳洲作為原材料出口大國, 更要把握這次產業鍊轉移的契機, 建立更全面及多元化的出口巿場。

澳洲吸納多元文化移民, 在擴展與不同國家的貿易關係, 有著極大優勢。可以說, 中美貿易戰, 誰勝誰敗, 對澳洲出口的影響都不會很大。不過亞太地區的政治緊張關係, 倒過來說, 對澳洲社會的穩定及經濟發展, 反而有更大影響。

耶倫訪問中國, 表明了中美雙方在地緣政治有壓力時, 仍盼望維持經濟合作及穩定的意願, 可以說給了澳洲社會一個正面的信息。華人從事中澳貿易的可以暫時鬆一口氣, 但卻不會期望在將來會有怎樣突破性的發展空間。澳洲取消了企業移民項目, 亦即是說不會主動吸引中國的企業家或投資者, 轉移到澳洲來。同時間, 澳洲亦打算限制海外留學生數目, 以紓緩澳洲國民因人口激增導致的生活壓力, 可以說華人移民要更融入主流社會, 才能有較大的發展空間。

過往華人社區急速發展, 形成了一個小型的華人經濟圈, 一定程度上也阻礙了華人移民與社會內其它族裔社群彼此融入。現在, 是時候我們要更深入認識主流社會及與其他移民社區建立更緊密的關係的時機。我相信這是華人移民的機會, 讓我們一起把握這時機吧。

周偉文 社長

Seize the opportunity

US Financial Secretary Yellen visited China last week did not bring any good news on their mutual agreement. She claimed that China has an over production in electric cars, batteries and solar boards that would overwhelm the global market thus impacting on the US and European industry. She said US and Europe would counteract with trade wars for their own protection. China disagreed on this and would keep up government support to such production enterprises in China. Yet from analysis there is still hope that the two nations would maintain their relationship rather than going onto a full-on conflict.

On Australia, China’s approach has been easing off recently. China lifted tariff on Australian red wine by end of March, their trading relationship would be fully restored impending the lifting of restrictions on the import of lobster and beef from Australia. But Australia has indicated to explore other exporting marketplaces rather than being restrained by her dependence on China’s. Actually with US’s high-tech export restriction on China, many factories have been evacuating from China to other SE Asian countries. Australia being a world major exporter of raw materials should seize this opportunity in a change of the world’s production chain for building our export market with wider scope and higher variety.

Australia has attracted many immigrants from a wide span and this facilitates trade relationships with a number of countries. Actually, the outcome of the US-China trade war would not affect on our export that much. But the political tension building up in the pan pacific region could affect our social stability and economic development.

Yellen’s visit to China is a sign of hope to Australia in terms of economic cooperation and stability in our region despite a tense political US-China relationship. Chinese counting on China-Australia trade should feel better now although a breakthrough development in the near future is not optimistic. With the cessation of entrepreneurs’ immigration category Australia is no longer after big investors from China. Australia is also planning to cut back influx of overseas students with a view to easing off our nationals’ stress of living due to rising population. So Chinese immigrants really need to integrate more into the mainstream society for gaining better opportunities.

Chinese community has been growing rapidly on its own economic circle thus deterring Chinese immigrants from mixing up with other ethnic communities. Now we Chinese must seize this opportunity to more understand the mainstream society and to build better relation with other social communities.

Mr. Raymond Chow, Publisher