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700 : 700 期了, 我們仍在走下去

We are still going on Issue#700

20年前開始出版《同路人》, 就開始寫「同路人語」。從未想過會寫到第700篇。在這作為出版人與讀者交流的欄目中, 我討論過不少世界、澳洲、中國、香港及個人的事, 相信讀者也會對我有 一些認識, 而我自己也藉著這專欄, 對自己在澳洲的生活、經歷及人生作反思。也因此認識一些與我投契的朋友, 在這異鄉中彼此勉勵, 互相支持。

創辦《同路人》的目的是要與讀者同走移民路, 我也假設讀者們和我一般, 都相信這一個國家會給我們新的體驗、機會及成長。最初我們比較關心移民能否彼此建立, 在這裏找到更好的生活。我們也覆蓋華人社區關注的話題, 包括大中華區的社會發展及世界大事。最近十年, 我們更提出多元文化澳洲,並經常討論移民融入澳洲的題目。

我盼望, 《同路人》仍能維持出版時的初心, 就是要與華裔移民一起走移民路,彼此在路上互相扶持。今天, 我們不單以印刷刊物豐富華人社區生活, 我們也有電台節目、網站、電子訂閱、成人學習中心等方式, 來協助華人跨過語言障礙, 認識及投入成為多元澳洲社會的一員。

面對著智能手機及社交網絡的影響, 不少人只能收到片面零碎而沒有深度及可信度的生活資訊, 更無法藉著高質素的文字來對世界有深入的認識。也因此, 我們今天正面對著大量虛假及錯誤的信息, 令到大眾對世界及社會無法有正確及全面的認識。這正是今天繼續出版《同路人》的挑戰。在這世代, 《同路人》仍堅持出版, 讓華人社區能有公正及持平的信息, 能幫助讀者建立更美好的人生。雖然經營愈來愈困難, 但我盼望每一位支持我們的讀者,能給我們幫助。

請介紹你的朋友訂閱電子刊物, 有更多的讀者, 我們也就有更大的影響力。我也邀請你正在經營或推介熟悉的企業, 投放廣告, 讓我們能生存下去。你的每一分支持, 不單單是推廣你的企業、商品或是服務, 同時也讓我們能夠堅持經營下去, 為澳洲華人社區能繼續有高質素的刊物出一分力。


周偉文 社長

We are still going on Issue#700

I started writing this Editorial when Sameway magazine came out 20 years ago and never imagined this could come to this Issue#700. In this column connecting the publisher and the readers the topics had covered the world, Australia, China, Hong Kong and personal level where readers should have read something about me as I reflected on my personal life here. On this I came across good and supportive friends on this foreign land.

The aim of this publication is to walk with our immigrant readers whom I assume would share my belief that this country would us new encounters, opportunties and growth. Initially we were more concern about our mutual development for better living. We touched on issues of the Chinese community in here, social development in Greater China and major happenings in the world. Over the recent decade we raised concern about multiculturalism in Australia and how we could integrate better as immigrants.

I hope we can hold on to our primarily intent of setting up this magazine in walking with and mutually supporting our immigrant readers. Today we are not just enriching our Chinese community with this paper publication but also with our broadcast, website, e-subscription, adult learning center etc in helping Chinese over language barrier, knowing more and integrating more in this multicultural nation.

With the impact from smart phone and social media, people are mostly exposed to simple ad hoc and unreliable pieces of information, in shortage of deeper knowledge of their surrounding through high quality publication. We used to have misconception of the society and the world with this influx of fake and inaccurate information. This is our challenge of publishing Sameway as we insist on for helping our readers in building a better life through some fair and just input into the Chinese community. Despite our growing hardship, we hope our readers could keep up with their support.

Please encourage your friends to subscribe Sameway electronically to widen our audience-ship. Please invite your connected businesses to put in advertisement to sustain our operation. All support and sponsorship are not just promoting the products and services of the companies but are there to keep Sameway circulating as a high quality publication in the Australian Chinese community.

Thank you for your support.

Mr. Raymond Chow, Publisher