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694 平等生存的權利

Equal right for life

以色列以焦土式轟炸巴勒斯坦, 已有超過8500名巴勒斯坦平民死亡, 其中一半為兒童。以色列更封鎖救援物品, 食水、食物、燃料, 因而令到上百萬巴勒斯坦人正面對人道危機, 受到世界各國質疑對哈馬斯組織恐襲的報復式還擊的合理及合法性。不少國家出現反以色列的示威, 一直以來認為以色列有權自衛的美、英、澳等國, 已無法說服國人為何消滅哈馬斯組織, 而要大批無辜的巴勒斯坦人被無差別地殺害。聯合國呼籲停火的決議若不被以哈雙方接受, 將導致整個世界秩序的崩潰, 因為以色列的軍事行動, 已超過世界容忍的底線。

舊約聖經提出「以牙還牙、以眼還眼」, 是在極權社會中, 約束報復者的暴力行為, 使它不能超過受害者所受的暴力傷害。這絕對不是今天以色列所宣揚的為著自己認為生存受到威脅, 就可以無底線的「自衛性屠殺」。

一些認為是神應許以色列復國的基督徒, 要明白並不是神的心意, 要讓巴勒斯坦人接受這樣的苦難,  這樣的苦難來自人的自以為是, 來自國家領袖沒有顧及別國人的基本權利及對人類的基本責任。因此現時問題的核心, 是在於世界不少國家的領導者, 沒有顧及世界其他人的基本生存權利所致。

要解決這問題, 每一個人都應該提醒全世界的領導者, 他們不是國民的主宰, 而是人民的僕人。澳洲有多位前總理聯名公開表示, 雖然巴勒斯坦人值得同情, 但肯定對以色列行動的支持, 我無法認同這一立場。只有前總理基廷表示有保留, 不願意簽署聲明。

澳洲不是一個有巨大軍事力量或實力的大國, 但也是國際社會的一員。在這大是大非的時代, 我覺得這些前總理們的立場, 會成為衡量澳洲這一個社會的一把尺。明顯地, 這些前總理的立場, 並不反映大部份澳洲人的想法。

澳洲人一向強調對別人要公平, 不管是以色列人, 或是巴勒斯坦人, 都有在地球和平生活受到保障的平等權利。


周偉文, 社長

Equal right for life

Extensive bombing by Israel on Palestinian soil has caused 8000 civilian causalities with half being children. The cutting of supplies, water, food and fuel is causing humanitarian crisis on a million people. The world is questioning on whether Israel’s defence against Hamas could be rational and legal. Protests against Israel spread around the world; countries like US, UK and Australia used to support eliminating Hamas are finding hard to convince their nationals on such indiscriminate killing. If the UN resolution of cease fire is not upheld, the world order could be ruined as Israel’s military action is beyond the bottom line of the world.

The Old Testament has mentioned ‘a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye’ aimed to contain the damage of revenge should not exceed the violence done in the totalitarian society. It is never like what Israel’s massacre in the name of self defence when own’s life is being threatened.

Some Christians who believe God allows restoration of Israel and should understand Palestaian’s suffering is not of God’s will, but stemmed from human problem and those national leaders who ignore their responsibilty and basic human right. The present situation is caused by these national leaders’ disregard to the right of lives in other nations.

To address the issue, we have to remind world leaders are not in control of their nationals but are serving them. Several former Australian PMs signed a joint declaration in support of Israel although they expressed sympathy on Palestine. I cannot agree. Only Keating has reservation and refused to sign.

Australia is a world member but is not a nation with mighty military power. At this important moment, the stance of our former PM’s would be a yardstick on our country. Obviously their statement is not reflecting truly on all Australian’s.

Australians speak high on equality. All people either from Israel or Palestine have the equal right to live peacefully on this earth.

I personally support Keating’s stance.

Mr. Raymond Chow, Publisher