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691 歡欣同行19年

Walking with Rejoice Sameway for 19 years

踏入9 月中這一期, 《同路人》已經出版了足足19年。

當年對這刊物抱有盼望的開拓者, 今天只有我仍在走下去, 我盼望在未來, 神會興起新力軍, 加入這團隊, 帶領它在未來的日子, 繼續服事澳洲的華人。

最初十年, 我們經歷了巿場上充斥著為宣傳中國生意及移民投資的大外宣火紅時代,我們生存了下來, 成為全國發行的中文刊物。

其後5年, 我們面對著大數據、智能手機及社交媒體對社會生活的革命, 在大部份中文刊物都無法生存的社會環境下, 我們進化成為協助讀者投入及融入澳洲生活的工具, 結果我們生存了下來。

在過去4年, 經歷新冠大流行, 我們得到政府及讀者的支持, 讓我們走到今天。我為著能捱過這些艱苦的日子, 只能感謝那加給我們能力的神, 一群忠心的同事, 並眾多支持我們的作者、商戶、及認同我們服事社區理念的同行者及基督徒。

《同路人》的文章, 反映華人對世界的不同觀點, 亦被翻譯成為英文, 在這一個建造澳洲成為多元文代社會的英文網站中發表, 與澳洲主流社會及其他族裔移民分享, 讓他們更能明白華人新移民的世界觀, 祝福他們。

《同路人》的目標並不是讓基督徒硬銷福音的刊物, 它是以基督價值觀鼓勵讀者在澳洲建立更好的將來, 對讀者的祝福。基督徒大多不明白、不認同亦沒有太多支持。不過, 在不久將來,我計劃要把《同路人》的異象, 與更多基督徒分享, 鼓勵他們投入, 祝福社區, 同時也祝福教會。

我深信,我們不單與社區一同走上這一條移民路, 建造這一個社會。也可以是彼此支持, 一起扶持及同行, 彼此可以信頼經歷人生的一群。


周偉文, 社長

Walking with Rejoice Sameway for 19 years

This September Sameway issue marked its journey of 19 years.

Those who started off Sameway then have all gone except me. I hope God will raise more new co-workers for Sameway to continue serving Chinese in Australia.

In the first 10 years we experienced a market overloaded with propaganda related to Chinese business and investment migration. We survived as the very few Chinese media publication nation-wide.

In the following five years we were hit by life reformation through metadata, smartphone and social media platform. We stood still to give support to our readers integrating into Australian society as when many other Chinese publication failed.

We walked past the last four years of pandemic as we relied on support from the government and our readers. After all these troubled times I can only say grace to our God, co-workers, readers, patrons and those companions and Christians who shared our vision in serving the community.

Our articles reflect Chinese world views; translated versions are available through an English website ‘’ working towards multiculturalism in Australia.

Sameway is not for Christians to hard sell the Gospel but to bless more people by building a better future in this country based on our Christian values. Not many Christians understand and appreciate this vision. I aim to share this vision with more Christians, to encourage them for more involvement in blessing the community and their churches.

I believe as we walk along with the community on this path of immigration, we give each other the mutual support and the faith of life that we all need.

Wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

Mr. Raymond Chow, Publisher