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643 感謝再感謝

Thank you and Thank you

17年前,有人跟我說要辦一本中文社區刊物。我說好, 不過當時澳洲華人教會至少已出版了兩本以傳教為目標的中文刊物,在社區中派發。我說, 要麼出版的話, 就要是一本能影響社區,幫助華人融入澳洲的中文刊物。因此, 《同路人》誕生了,今天我們已走過了17年漫長的日子, 並沒有背棄初心。

你今天在閱讀這篇文章, 我感謝你。是我們的讀者,一直在鼓勵支持,讓我能有這緣份和機會與你同走移民路。真的,移民路是不容易走的。 離鄉別井,一切從新開始,社會上甚麼事情都不知道,與人談話時發現大家的思想框架都不相同,話不投機。《同路人》願意為你提供與人交談的話題,讓你可以與來自五湖四海的華人分享在澳洲的生活,更深入地瞭解澳洲。

你是我們的廣告客戶, 我也感謝你。是你的支持, 給我們機會讓我們為你服務,向華人社區介紹你的生意, 協助你推廣你的業務,建立正面的形象。我盼望你能在以後的日子, 仍繼續使用我們推廣你的生意,為你提供服務。在過去接近兩年新冠疫情,不少中文媒體,特別是紙媒都減少了出紙,你在雜貨店或餐館中都找不到它們。不過《同路人》卻從未脫期,也沒有減少派發,仍在封閉隔離之中, 守望著華人社區,因此更值得你信頼。

你是我們的義工及支持者,我更感謝你。你的參與及奉獻,讓我們保持了質量,在困境中仍有盼望。我們的作者團隊,每期為你帶來精彩的內容,在你困在家中,雖然無法外出,但仍在擴闊你的視野,讓你和這世界接軌。而且《同路人》已走向多元化, 每週六小時在「同聲同路人」電台頻道為你提供更多適時資訊。我們最近在Youtube頻道,開拓了「疫情專訪」及「廖嬋娥看澳洲」專題,你也可以訂閱,定時收看。


我為此更要感謝那17年前, 在我們看不到今天《同路人》能在社區中扮演著榮神益人的角色時,就把這召命放在我們心中,並一直與我們同行的神。是祢叫我們通過以出版《同路人》來服事社區,讓我們更深的經歷信仰,更體驗神對世人的關愛。

周偉文 社長

Thank you and Thank you

I was told 17 years ago that I should launch a Chinese community publication. I said fine but there were already two in place, published by Chinese church bodies for evangelical purpose. So I said we needed to do one to help Chinese integrating into the local community. Then came Sameway, for 17 years by now, with the same cause.

I need to thank all readers while you are reading this passage. It has been the support of our readers that enable us to walk along with them endeavouring in their immigration life process. They all started a new life in a place so far and different from their places of origin, they knew little about here hence found hard to catch up with others’ conversation and thinking. Sameway offered you with discussion topics for sharing lives of Chinese immigrants in Australia.

I thank you if being our advertisement patrons. Your support helped us serve you in marketing your business and promoting its positive image. We look forward to your continued support. With the pandemic on for almost two years many Chinese media especially in printed version have been dying out. To the Chinese community, it is only Sameway with non-stop publication and distribution despite lockdowns that is of value to you.

I really thank you if you have been our volunteers and co-workers. Your participation and offering keep us in good form and hope notwithstanding difficulties. While you are in isolation at home, our team of writers connect you with the world today through their fantastic reporting and stories. Our multi-platform media includes our weekly 6-hour broadcast on Samevoice Sameway radio station for more updated messages. Recently our Youtube channel offers ‘Covid interview’ and ‘Gladys on Australia’ special series which you can subscribe for regular viewing.

This year I also need to thank the Victorian government in recognising our role in serving the Chinese community. Amid the pandemic early this year we received grant from the government for our continued publication. We were the only Chinese setup amongst 48 ethnic minority media bodies receiving such subsidy.

I must thank God for calling and helping us in this godly community mission which seemed not that clear to us 17 years ago. It was God who called us to serve the community in such a way that we could truly experience Him and His Love.

Raymond Chow, Publisher