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609 建立網絡社交生活對抗病毒We need social networking in coping with the virus






周偉文 社長

We need social networking in coping with the virus

Everyone of us is fighting against COVID-19 for the sake of health safety. We always keep our hands clean, practice social distancing, avoid group gathering… all because of our responsibility to contain the spread of the virus. Australia government should also encourage the wearing of face masks in public, which has proved to be effective in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea etc. The isolation measures adopted by Australia are working well too in significantly bringing down case count through border entry and community infection. So governing popularity of PM Morrison and the State Premiers has been uplifted.

To support our community in fighting COVID-19, Sameway is offering readers hand sanitizers for free and DIY materials for face masks. One common query remains unclear is the need of wearing masks or not, as people are querying why we are not following the good practice in Hong Kong or even in Singapore where compulsory order is legislated just.

Every country at different timing would have the corresponding measures depending on the state of the pandemic. Australia for now is advising that the use of masks should be a priority for health care workers where the public can rely on social distancing. Expert advice is not against the use of masks but only for the purpose of preventing spread of virus from the infected through the air rather than protecting one from breathing in some. So it cannot serve you well unless bulk of the community is doing it mutually at the same time like in Hong Kong. Indeed we do not have stock to support such extensive coverage and usage here. So we believe it will work better for the health carers if the community can rely on reusable masks.

This fight is not just for the individuals but for the community as one. During this isolation time we are all feeling down for being able to get together with our ties. The use of group conferencing software may help us to stay in touch for some mutual support that we all need during such difficult period.

Yet not many of the seniors are used to social video conferencing. Hence we take the lead in holding some software learning sessions for more seniors to be able to participate in cyber talk. I think this is an avenue for us to break out of our social isolation life. This is fun too, looking forward to your support!

Raymond Chow, Publisher

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