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606 疫境中的豐盛 Abundance in Pandemic






周偉文 社長

Abundance in pandemic

It is inevitable that COVID-19 will become global pandemic. Australia is still not severely affected but the virus obviously is with the community. 

So the whole world is going to live with this virus. Some people in panic mode see it as the end of the world. Some people stockpile daily items such as toilet rolls, rice, canned food etc in fear. Yes, for decades through technological advancement, national mutual collaboration and prolong peace it seemed mankind is unbeatable. But the rapid spread of this invisible virus is telling how helpless is mankind.  

Our government has been using the border control tactic but as the pandemic develops, we shall need better detection and prevention at the community level. Personal hygiene is imperative to control community spreading especially for those who feel contracted. Good medical treatment is needed to suppress mortality, before scientists can come up with the vaccines and medicines to tackle. 

China has been forcibly hard in containing the epidemic, at a great economic cost though. National production has been vastly cut and people will suffer for long. Global recession is round the corner as major industries such as aviation, catering and tourism dive. PM Morrison will soon announce measures to stimulate local economy in the hope of the least impact on our side. 

In our last issue REJOICE organization published a all important  statement “a minute virus can make us in fear, helpless and hopeless. But our greatest God can give us peace, abundance and eternity. Both virus and God are invisible to us although we know they are there. We aim to block and reduce the spread of virus, and we use vaccine and medication to cure victims. We need to adjust our daily life and cope with the economic hardship. We should also aim to humbly look upon the all mighty God for His daily provision of peace, joy and hope. 

​Abundance doesn’t equal to full possession of everything but just knowing what’s given to us by God suffice what we need. 

Raymond Chow, Publisher

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