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同路人語605- 努力保護每一個人 Do the best to protect everyone







周偉文 社長

Do the best to protect everyone

With the COVID-19 on for two months, seemingly it is going to stay around us, irrespective of it was from an artificial or natural origin. The latest assessment from China was positive as communities there start to resume normal. Nobody knows how reliable is this and there is uncertainty on how long will it take China to resume normal after the shutdown.

But as when outbreaks happen in Korea, Japan, Italy and Iran, the WHO has declared a global epidemic. Even the Australian government has warned the public in case our health control management on the virus fails then we will be fighting with the disease hard soon.

If this really happens, we will need to tackle issues of social order and national health, daily supplies and living. By then, I would envisage not elsewhere could be better off on the planet earth. The public must be prepared to understand and follow all epidemic control measures to be introduced by the government in combating such a situation.

                When epidemic hits, everyone for sure will put up own defence. But if everyone just cares about own self and neglect others such as holding up all safety resources or not abiding public safety rules then the whole society is to suffer. Hence during such a critical timing, we must exercise strict hygiene guidelines in order not to become a virus carrier to people around us. The SARS occurred 17 years ago indeed died down eventually as when the whole society was in high hygiene alert.

                In the interest of the whole community, people who have been to high risk areas must guarantee themselves even in the absence of any sign of symptom. If everyone of us takes public hygiene serious enough and tries to minimize crowd gathering, we should be able to suppress COVID-19 coming on board in our communities.

                Remember God create mankind and we must live well to protect ourselves and to protect people around us.

Raymond Chow, Publisher

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