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同路人語604- 說真話 把祝福帶給社區 Speak the truth Bring blessing to the community






周偉文 社長

Speak the truth Bring blessing to the community

Dr Li Wenliang was just an ordinary person like me and you. The whole China was shocked when he passed away. Is it so difficult to speak out the truth?

The vision of making Sameway was to help Australian Chinese to know the way of living here and to integrate with the mainstream society through a high-quality publication. We knew it could be difficult, but we made a go in the calling of our God. To bless and edify people should be the mission of Christians, and all other religion-goers. I thank God for we are still going today.

The Coronavirus has frightened everyone to stay away from any contact from where this incurable infection. It is so weird in Boxhill these days where westerners outnumber Chinese in the mall/shops and on the streets. These happened in other suburbs with higher Chinese population thus restaurants there chose to stop business at least to save some expenses with no return. Hope more people could come out from their fear and return to their normal social life, so these restaurants can come to life again.

Any business targeting the Chinese community is affected, including traditional media. The 37-year-old Sing Tao newspaper closed down last week, amid fierce competition from various network/social/modern media. But there is limitation of the latter types which are more personal-based and lack of quality exchange of deep thinking and reflection. Filling up all these digital platforms are massive publicity and advertisement along with futile information which nobody would care to go through.

                I have confidence in quality media to survive. China’s strategic propaganda over the past years has controlled information feed to overseas Chinese as well as disrupted the regular operation of the other quality publications. At this competitive time I still believe Sameway can serve its mission if given the support it needs. Our representation in recent years has raised the concern from the mainstream society on Chinese elderly homes and a multi-million project is on its way. I hope we can keep going with your support to speak out the truth, to edify God and to bless our community.

Raymond Chow, Publisher

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