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同路人語602-教育移民認識山火 Educate immigrants on bush fire







周偉文 社長

Educate immigrants on bush fire

Happy New Year to all!

2019 was a difficult year for a 4-month long bush fire had taken away 28 lives, ruined thousands of homes and burnt out massive area of woodlands resulting in tragic damage to the environment. The federal government’s lack of environmental plan was blamed for loss, yet global climate change issue has been around for long. Mankind has been spoiling the earth habitat in an unprecedented alarming way beyond our own comprehension.

Say when plastic started to be extensively used for domestic living purpose nobody envisaged its pollution impact until decades after warnings came in to contain the problem. And same as with solar panel was mistaken as green energy until we now realise its production itself is destructing the environment. Mankind should be responsible for the management of the earth by saving our environment. The Bible says God makes us the steward of the earth thus we must sustain our living environment.

PM Morrison is under pressure from the public amid this bush fire disaster to regulate national environmental policies. This also comes with a great economic impact. In last election, people pointed out the cost of setting some environmental policies as well as the cost on the society if not setting any. I think the government cannot get away with some responsive changes irrespective of whether scientists can prove or otherwise this disaster was merely from global warming.

                Bush fire is part of Australian life; so immigrants largely from urban cities are unfamiliar of this nature must be educated about its danger and consequence. When I first came, I did not understand why burning down excessive dried out bushes could be a wise move in forest management. Because I lived in Hong Kong where there was no forests and we were only told to plant more.

When the government is going to fund publicity campaign on bush fire prevention,  make sure the immigrant communities are covered as they have no idea on the what and why of those bush fire management policies.

Raymond Chow, Publisher

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