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Chinese may be targeted



就澳洲軍隊在阿富汗戰爭中, 殺害平民一事, 在澳洲本土引來極大關注。當澳洲人盼望政府能從問責方向, 要求軍方這錯誤中, 汲取教訓, 樹立公義的時候, 事件演變成了澳中外交的危機。

中國外交部發言人趙立堅, 在推特發文及一張諷刺澳洲軍隊的人工創作照片來譴責澳洲, 明顯是藉事件來挑起兩國的矛盾, 是主動挑釁。總理莫里森即時反應, 要求中國政府撤回推文及照片,並且道歉, 中國外交部發言人華春瑩斷然拒絕。

澳洲政府沒有隱瞞軍隊的錯失, 是負責任的表現, 表現出追求世界公義的勇氣, 並不是羞恥的事。在阿富汗的軍隊來自不同國家, 澳洲能率先檢討, 更能鼓勵其他國家去正視這問題。一個向國民負責任的政府, 正應該如此。

作為外交部發言人, 趙立堅的言行是代表著中國的立場, 把不真實的照片, 當作證據來支持自己的觀點, 實屬不當; 作為諷刺的圖畫, 更不應該。因為諷刺的對象是澳洲軍隊, 是澳洲的代表。因此總理莫里森的要求, 得到整個澳洲社會的認同, 反對黨亦表示支持。

不過, 現時澳中關係極度緊張。中國使用各種經濟手段, 如增加澳洲紅酒關稅、限制澳洲貨品進口、威脅不讓學生來澳洲留學等手段、來表達對澳洲的不滿。如今直接公開諷刺澳洲軍隊, 以中國軍隊漠視人權, 過往鎮壓平民及少數族裔來說, 更令人無法信服。不過, 既然澳洲也已承認軍隊的不當行為, 中國的行為只會令全世界人看到中國政府的偽善。只看到人家眼中的剌, 卻看不到自己眼中的樑木。

但總理莫理森的高調回應, 卻令人想到澳洲在經濟上過份倚賴中國, 已令到她實質中除了表表態外, 並無法作出甚麼具體行動來回應。可以說, 澳洲的抗議只會是軟弱無力, 並不會有甚麼結果。

不過, 在澳洲的華人卻要小心。面對中國的挑釁, 很容易會演變成澳洲社會排斥華人。澳洲社會一直推動多元文化, 就是盼望不同種族的澳洲人, 能互相接納, 維持社會和諧。中國對澳洲的侮辱, 明顯地把華人放在風眼之中, 很容易澳洲華人會成為代罪羔羊, 變成公眾的箭靶。

Chinese may be targeted

The killing of Afghanistan civilians by Australian troops has alarmed many Australians. While we are awaiting the government to learn, reflect and account for the mishap, the incident has aroused a diplomatic crisis between Australia and China.

China’s Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Zhao Lijian’s tweeting of a fabricated image to accuse Australian soldiers has agitated PM Morrison demanding an apology to which China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying refused.

The Australian government indeed is courageous and responsible enough to uncover this military mistake, this act is righteous rather than shameful. Australia is taking this lead amongst the multi-national troop in Afghanistan. This is a government of good accountability.

A foreign ministry spokesman’s saying represents the country. The use of fake image in support of opinions is not appropriate, let alone for mocking Australian army representing Australia. Hence Morrison’s demand is supported by the Australian society as well as the Opposition.

Australia-China relation is a tense one at the moment. China is using every economical tactic on Australia to show her dissatisfaction, including tariff on wines, blockage on imported commodities, scaring away of Chinese overseas students etc. With Chinese army’s track record in supressing the public and ethnic minorities, the mocking of Australian troop’s behaviour cannot be convincing. If Australian government is to come clean with this guilt, it only makes the Chinese government looks hypocritic to the world. Why look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

But Morrison’s high-profile response just tells he is short of anything amid Australian over dependence. At the end it is just a gesture of objection.

But Australian Chinese need to be mindful. More provocative acts from China could easily trigger anti-Chinese sentiment in our society not in line with the usual multi-culturalism harmony here. China’s insult on Australia will make Australian Chinese vulnerable to become scapegoat to be targeted.   

Raymond Chow, Publisher