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美國大選, 出現了一方贏了, 另一方卻認為沒有輸的情況。主流傳媒, 認為拜登民主黨拜登已勝出, 但特朗普總統卻指控民主黨作弊, 盜走了他的選票。特朗普提出了訴訟, 要求在一些州重新點票, 到現時仍未有結果。

同時間, 主流媒體拒絕報導特朗普對民主黨的指控, 特朗普通過各類社交媒體平台, 爭取了不少美國人的認同及支持, 拒絕接受選舉的公正性, 令到現時情況混亂。看來, 只有在美國法院作出裁決後, 及各州選舉人, 在12月8日進行了投票, 全世界才能明確知道美國的管治權, 會如何交接。

這樣的混亂, 令到不少人感到迷惑。甚麼是可信? 甚麼是謊言? 好像一下子都無法有共識。按照傳媒的角色, 對任何新聞都不能審查, 只能作出是非的評論。但在這次選舉中, 美國主流傳媒, 違反了這基本報導守則, 以自己的政治立場, 對特朗普的看法加以審查, 制造出一面倒的輿論, 卻失去了社會的認可。數據顯示, 美國人轉向社交平台獲取資訊, 而不再信任傳統傳媒。

大家都知道, 社交平台上充滿著真、假消息, 已淪為宣傳工具, 極容易受人操控。傳統媒體享有公信力, 卻在這一次選舉中喪失, 令到社會不容易辨別是非, 我覺得是全世界都成為輸家。自印刷術發明以來, 無數人的努力, 創造了社會對傳媒的尊重及信任, 卻在美國這一次大選中失去了。作為媒體的一份子, 我深以為憾。

在澳洲, 疫情令到不少中文媒體停止運作, 也同時減少了來自中國政府大外宣的訊息, 我覺得是值得肯定的。不過, 我們仍需努力, 提升質素, 才能爭取更多讀者的支持。

為著讓不同城巿的華人有機會分享本刊, 我們會製作不同城巿的電子版, 供讀者訂閱。這樣,我們可以讓《同路人》一方面為全國讀者提供高質素的內容, 同時間亦可以兼顧不同城巿讀者對本地社區消息的需求。這樣發展, 我們需要更多人的參與及支持。

你若願意成為我們的義工, 協助編輯及在各城巿的聯絡工作,支持我們更全面地服事華人社區, 請電郵[email protected] 聯絡我。謝謝你的支持。

You can be one of us

The US Election ended up with a winner but without a loser. Mainstream media regarded Biden has won but Trump accused Democratic Party’s election fraud stealing his win. His legal claim has started vote recounting in some states.

The situation is very confusing as most media refuse reporting Trump’s accusation as he is gathering mass support from through other social media platforms. The world may need to wait for the judiciary outcome and the official announcement of the state electoral offices to know who will be the next US president.

This chaos is puzzling many how to tell between truths and lies. The usual role of the media is to report on the facts without judgement. But this principle has not been followed by the mainstream US media. Based on their own political stance, they are making biased reporting. Reportedly the US public are turning to social networks instead of relying on the traditional news platform.

But social network news are not subject to fact check and could be manipulated. Traditional news media was considered more reliable but on this election has failed its trustworthiness in public eyes. This is a blow to the world, and has ruined the trust and respect of the traditional media since printing came along. I deeply feel sorry about it.

In Australia, the pandemic has already killed many mass media business and actually scaled down mass media impact from China. We must continue to work hard to maintain our good quality publication for our readers.

To serve Chinese readers in our various cities we will be producing different electronic version of our publication. Hence Sameway can serve all readers across the country with our high quality content and at the same time address the varied needs for local news and updates. For this to work, we need more manpower resources.

If you want to become our co-workers in our editing or liaising tasks serving Chinese communities please contact me at [email protected]. Thank You.

Raymond Chow, Publisher