同路人語629 – 港人定居澳洲 HongKongers coming to settle in Australia

港人定居澳洲 HongKongers coming to settle in Australia


今年1月6 日, 53名香港曾在去年參加民主派立法會議員初選人仕, 被指違反了國安法被香港警方拘捕。在2月28日, 這些人仕被要求提早向警署報到, 其中47人即時被起訴「串謀顛覆國家」罪名, 在法院中開始了保釋聆訊。一直到3月4日, 聆訊完畢, 32人被拒絕保釋, 只有15人獲准保釋, 但律政司即時上訴。然後律政司準許其中4人保釋, 其餘11人開始覆核上訴聆訊, 至今43人仍在扣柙之中。

在這期間, 我們見到司法制度加上國安法, 被引用來把差不多香港稍為有知名度的持反對政府意見者關起來, 相信在未來一段日子, 都不會進行審訊。其實這情況,在過去數十年來, 在極權國家之中, 屢見不鮮。不過, 香港人自上世紀60年代後, 都未經歷過這種情況, 因此這一個星期的經驗, 相信在香港社會, 已帶來極大的震撼。

自2012年梁振英成為香港特首開始, 中國已加強了對香港的操控。到2017年林鄭月娥管治香港, 中國的強大與美國的競爭把香港的管治, 帶上了世界政治舞台。新冠肺炎爆發, 不單引起全球社會、經濟、及各國之間關係的巨大變化, 同時間也加劇了中國與西方社會的直接衝突。面對中國訂定國安法, 改變了香港一國兩制的管治, 西方國家政府多同情香港人, 提供了各種出路, 讓受壓迫的香港人可以離開。不過中國是否容許香港人帶著財富離開這地方, 或是香港人是否願意離開, 至今仍然未知。

澳洲總理莫里森去年7月9日發表聲明, 給予一部份在澳洲合乎資格的香港學生、技術勞工及專才有通道來到澳洲定居, 不過反應並不太熱烈。但相信在經過這一次極不人道及極不合理的拘捕及審訊後, 香港人應該已看清中國要香港人改變的決心及會使用的手段。

未來日子, 我相信會有不少香港人以不同途徑定居澳洲, 華人社區在過往20人由中國移民主導的情況將會改變。澳洲社會預備好從香港來的移民潮嗎? 華人社區準備好這些港人的融入嗎? 這些新來的港人, 會把自己看成為澳洲人嗎?他們會打算把澳洲看成為新生活的起點, 還是要把香港與中國的抗爭, 繼續在這裏延續下去呢? 這不只是這些香港人的個人選擇, 其實也是一個澳洲社會及華人社區要面對的問題。

周偉文 社長

HongKongers coming to settle in Australia

On 6th of January 53 Hong Kong people who ran for LegCo primary election last year for the democratic parties were accused of violating the National Security Law. On 28th February upon their early report to the Police, 47 of them were charged ‘conspiracy to subvert state power’ with bail hearing started in court immediately. Hearing finished by 4th March where 32 were refused bail; Attorney General appealed for the 15 cases allowed on bail. Subsequently 4 were allowed to go on bail and the remaining 11 added onto the 32 to a total of 43 still remain under custody.

So I can see that the Hong Kong judiciary system paired up with the national security law manage to lock up almost all prominent opposition figures with no definite plan of trial. This practice actually has not been uncommon in many totalitarian states. This however is very odd in Hong Kong since the 60’s in last century. This alone has sent shock wave to the society.

Since Chief Executive CY Leung in 2012, China has started tightening up control in Hong Kong governance. By 2017 with Carrie Lam in power, the rising of China and her standing off with US made the politics on Hong Kong under limelight of the international arena. The pandemic has not only immensely affected the world in social, economic and relational states but also has stirred up clash between China and the western world. China’s making of National Security Law in Hong Kong has altered the ‘one country two systems’. The western countries in general are in sympathy with Hong Kong people so many are willing to offer escape routes to those under oppression. But will China allow them to exit with their wealth or will they be willing to flee as such is yet to tell.

Our PM Morrison made a statement on 9th July last year to grant residency to qualified students, skilled workers and professionals from Hong Kong; that didn’t attract much response. But after witnessing this round of irrational and inhuman arrest the picture is clearer on how China is determined to change the state of play in Hong Kong.

In the near future I think more HongKongers will start making their way to come ashore thus changing the immigration trend of the past 20 years in the Chinese community. Is Australia prepared for this influx? Is the Chinese community ready for the integration? Will these HongKongers make this place their homes? Are they happy to make a new life start here or they just want to bring with them their political game play? This is not just a matter of personal choice for these HongKongers but also an issue for our Australian society and Chinese community to handle.

Raymond Chow, Publisher

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