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Never too late to mend the fence


南太平洋諸島嶼, 在世界貿易航道以外,沒有多大的利益價值, 卻對澳洲極其重要。一直以來,西方國家沒有打算在這地區擴張勢力,澳洲就以為這些小島的政府會以澳洲為馬首是瞻,沒有花多少氣力協助它們發展。長期以來,這些島國的經濟條件極差,更關注氣候變暖會否令到國境沉沒,但澳洲也不大主動支持回應。中國一來,給予他們小恩小惠,立時令到這些島國投誠,令澳洲政府大吃一驚。澳洲後院若變成中國海軍游弋之處,澳洲人實難安寢。

黃英賢向這些國家承諾會更強力支持合作發展,暫時算是把形勢緩和下來。不過,在未來日子, 澳洲真的要拿出誠意, 協助這些條件極差的鄰國發展,來令他們成為澳洲的長期合作夥伴及盟友, 澳洲才能在中國的擴張發展中,在這地區保持安定。

協助這些島國發展旅遊業,是對澳洲及他們都合適的雙贏方案。發展旅遊業一方面可以很快讓澳洲專業人才在澳洲附近有更多的發展空間,亦可提供培訓教育服務,更為澳洲人提供高質素及較近的旅遊產品,為來到澳洲旅遊增值。這與在中國發展初期, 廣東省成為香港人的旅遊熱點,大力協助廣東發展一樣。而且,發展旅遊業可以為這些島國提供更多就業機會及經濟發展的可能性。

有華人認為澳洲不應與中國關係緊張,卻沒有人問為何遠離南太平洋的中國,有甚麼理由軍隊要用經濟理由, 走到離澳洲這麼近的地方? 並要擁有機場及碼頭等極具戰略價值的基礎設施?這些國家沒有旅遊業、沒有工業生產、也沒有購買力,這些設施到底為誰服務,大概每一個人都心中有數。中國協助這些國家發展,為甚麼對澳洲是一個警號,明明可見。

新一屆政府甫一上場,即努力解決問題, 值得欣賞。


周偉文 社長

Never too late to mend the fence

The former PM did not take China’s advancement into the Pacific region as threat to our national security, saying that was about the islands’ sovereignty. But three days right after the Labor Party came into power, Penny Wong as our Foreign Minister paid her visit to these island nations ahead of her China counterpart Wang Yi, hoping to stall their full collaboration to be established.

South Pacific islands’ positioning outside the international trade sailing route are not that crucial, apart to Australia. So far no other western country has extended interest in these islands, leaving Australia seemed effortlessly to become the defaulted leaders of those governments. These island nations have been poor in their economy and have been worrying about the undulating of their territories caused by climate change; but Australia had not shown much interest. When China suddenly came in with a bit of care, they all turned their heads to the surprise of Australia. We should be worried if the Chinese navy can freely roam in our backyard.

Penny Wong promised them we would lend our support in their development, to make them think twice. But we must promptly and earnestly do something solid to become their long-term partner, in order to counteract China’s impact in our region.

It will be a win-win situation for us to help them in their tourist industry. This can provide Australians working opportunities in the associated development and training, as well as high quality tourist spots in our vicinity in our tourism interest. This is similar to what China did in the early stage of building the Guangdong Province by promoting Guangdong as a tourism attractions to Hong Kong. Tourism industry would also benefit these island nations in employment and economy.

Some Chinese here say we should not have a tense relation with China, but nobody wonders why Chinese army needs to come so close to us for an economical cause, by building Chinese controlled strategic military infrastructure such as airports and piers in Pacific Islands. Knowingly, these islands do not have tourism, industry and buying power requiring these facilities. China’s involvement in developing these small nations should be seen as an alarm signal to Australia.

I appreciate how our new government’s effort in solving problems.

It is never too late to mend the fence.

Mr. Raymond Chow, Publisher