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655 堅持自由與人權

Uphold freedom and human right

俄羅斯入侵烏克蘭, 烏克蘭總統澤連斯基至今, 成為了世界上爭取自由及人權的領袖。 他在這期間, 在不同國家議會中發表演說, 爭取資源及力量, 對抗俄羅斯的入侵。我相信, 澤連斯基的演說, 帶來的影響和威力, 比起那些超級武器, 不惶多讓。中國人說:「一言之辯重於九鼎之寶, 三寸之舌強於百萬之師。」就是說到言語的力量。
是的, 演說可以激勵人心, 喚醒人內心那看不見的良知, 正反映出文字和表達的力量。澤連斯基是演員, 這些演講充份表現出他確是一位出色的訊息傳遞者, 不過, 更重要的是他通過這些演說的文字所表達的信念, 更令人欽佩。
在不同國家議會的演說,澤連斯基都用了聽眾熟悉的情境, 去催動他們去面對支援烏克蘭的責任。在美國國會的演講, 提到了珍珠港及911事件, 是挑動美國人的生存受到威嚇的歷史。在德國議會的演講, 提到柏林圍牆的痛苦及納粹德國的教訓, 激動德國人不能姑息黷武者的良心。在英國國會的演講, 從邱吉爾在大戰的發言, 帶到英國二戰中的困苦, 並連繫到莎士比亞在生命掙扎中的選擇。在以色列國會, 談到烏克蘭出生稱為「雄偉母獅」的以色列總理梅爾夫人的名言, 並且提到烏克蘭在二戰中大力支持猶太人, 爭取同情。
這些演說的共同主題, 是烏克蘭人有著極大的決心, 去爭取自由及自決生存的權利, 是全世界任何國家的人都應該有及應該受到支持和保護的。
我們生活在一個只講爭取個人利益及沒有原則的妥協的社會, 很多人都已忘記我們對人生還可以有堅持和執著。我們只會用自己是否能有更多好處,或生活是否有所改善, 來看事情是否應該去做。不過, 過往兩年多與新冠病毒的經歷, 叫我們見到生命的不可測; 而澤連斯基的演說, 又提醒了我們, 在這一個世界我們還可以有一些值得堅持下去的美善信念。


Uphold freedom and human right

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has made its president Zelenskyy to have become the world leader in freedom and human right. Over this period, he has been speaking at conference meeting with many nations appealing for resource and support to fight against the Russians. I believe the power and impact of his speech is no less than those coming out from heavy ammunition. There is Chinese saying “a word can be a super weight and the small tongue can beat a huge army” – language is a mighty weapon.
Speech indeed can stir up human’s inside being. Zelenskyy is an actor with high ability in propagating. More important is the adoring notion brought upon by his words of expression.
Zelenskyy urged countries to join in his flighting against Russia by connecting the audience in his speeches. In the US Congress speech, he used the Pearl Harbour and 911 incidents to incite the American’s fear. In the Germany Senate he brought up the Berlin Wall and the Nazi history to remind them in standing up against ferocity. In the UK Parliament he recited Churchill’s declaration during their miserable WWII as well as Shakespeare’s choice in his life struggle. In the Israel’s Congress he mentioned their Prime Minister Madam Golda Meir originated from Ukraine and he recalled Ukraine’s support offered to the Jews in WWII.
The core theme of these speeches came down to the Ukrainian willpower to defend their freedom and right of living, and after all it is something that other nations must uphold.
We are living in a world where self-interests prevail, people no more care about holding onto principles that should matter to life. The consideration to go for anything always hinges on how much benefits one can get out of it. But the pandemic over the past two years clearly tells us how uncertain life could be; and Zelenskyy’s speech also reminds us how good is for us to insist on values of goodness.

Mr. Raymond Chow, Publisher