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652 一起同行 給社區帶來盼望

Work together on new hope for our community

上週, 一位我不認識的讀者來到辦公室, 告訴我們因為這兩年疫情緣故, 她沒有經常上街, 沒有看到《同路人》, 她擔心我們是不是倒閉結束了。最近在Glen Waverley見到本刊, 感到很高興, 知道我們仍在出版, 特地走上來,捐獻了5000元, 支持我們繼續出版。因為她相信在這時期, 在各行各業都在掙扎之間, 要維持下去, 根本是不可能的事。

我心中實在感動, 除了是謝謝這一位讀者的支持之外, 更是感到她為我們一群促成每兩週出版這刊物的同路人,帶來了鼓勵 。18年前我們盼望社區要有高質素的中文刊物, 提升華人在澳洲的生活質素, 因此出版了本刊。我們從沒有想過憑個人力量就可以做到, 只相信靠著神的引領, 社區的認同和支持, 走出這信心的一步。經過18年,這些讀者願意付出金錢力量來支持, 與我們同行關愛社區的路, 叫我不敢忘記初心。

是的, 社區服事及關懷這一條路, 表明了我們不是自己一個人生活在社區, 單獨的走移民路, 而是有一群要在澳洲找到自己、下一代、下下一代等的一個新天地, 開拓自己豐盛的人生。這18年來, 我從《同路人》沒有找到薪金、盈利、或是怎樣的好處, 不過神把我放在這一個崗位, 卻給我看到一個從未看到的世界, 並且見到祂在使用一群願意關懷社區的朋友, 無私的付出對別人的祝福, 也給社區帶來盼望。

我想到新冠疫情, 政府官員及醫學專家, 這兩年來在不同時期, 把各種的防疫措施向社區公佈, 《同路人》能在其中一起參與, 讓這些訊息協助華人社區抗疫。不過, 我們不止於這樣。我們能夠在這些訊息之外, 在經歷疫情困苦的讀者之間, 不斷提醒他們, 神仍然在掌管。在最黑暗絕望無助的日子, 我們仍可以有盼望。

今天, 我們稍為見到疫情正在紓緩, 我們仍會監督政府, 不要在抗疫路上忽略華人社區的需要。我盼望大家都能像這位不知名的讀者一樣, 鼓勵支持我們, 一起同行。

周偉文 社長

Work together on new hope for our community

Last week a reader whom I didn’t know came to our office to tell us she was delighted to know that we were not closed due to the pandemic; she had not been out to the community for long until lately came across our publication in Glen Waverley. She came to offer us a $5000 donation as she knew, like any other business, we had been very hard to hang on to.

I was very touched by her support and her encouragement offered to our bi-weekly Sameway. For 18 years we have been working hard to sustain a high-quality publication for our Chinese community living. I knew this could not be done by personal effort but only with God’s guidance and community’s support that I took the faith step. Readers’ financial support, after all these 18 years, really reminds me of our primary vision of caring for our community.

Caring and serving the community demonstrate we are not alone as an immigrant in the community, rather we are a group who find a new world of a better life for ourselves and for the next generations to come. Over these 18 years, from Sameway I did not get any salary, profit or benefit; God only gave me a position to experience a new world where He use His chosen workers to serve selflessly in blessing the community with His hope.

During the pandemic, many government officials and medical experts announced their updates and measures; gladly Sameway could play a part in delivering such information to the Chinese community. We are doing more than this. To our readers experiencing the hardship during the pandemic, we have kept reminding them God is in control even in the darkest times such that they can have hope to hang on.

Now we can see the improving situation and we will keep urging the government in helping the Chinese community in the fight against Covid. I hope many more would take this anonymous reader as a good example to keep supporting us. 

Mr. Raymond Chow, Publisher