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651 我們需要有遠見的領袖

We need leaders with vision

今年是聯邦選舉年, 相信現屆政府在新冠疫情的處理, 對選民怎樣投票, 會具備很大的影響。

11月底登場的Omicron, 改變了疫情, 令原來計劃「與病毒共存」的澳洲, 在短時間內出現感染大爆發。 而聯邦及各州政府在處理向社會提供快速抗原測試及更新隔離政策來提供社會各行業有足夠運作人力上, 明顯地令人失望。還好的是在5-11歲兒童接種疫苗及成年人接種加強劑的安排上, 勉強算是合格, 而且幸運地Omicron的殺傷力不大, 令到醫療系統不至崩潰, 並且死亡人數沒有大幅增加, 因此聯邦政府並未完全令人失去信心。但最新的民意調查, 卻顯示出社會對現屆政府的支持大減。

選舉將臨, 莫里森總理能否在這危機中, 展示出領導才能, 像在上一屆大選中, 從後趕上, 取得連任呢? 不少人相信, 反對黨要取得選民的支持並不容易, 一定是執政黨的管治失去大部份選民支持, 才有機會。所以今次選舉, 莫里森要拿出甚麼, 來挽回選民的支持呢?

我相信疫情這兩年, 沒有人期望澳洲經濟發展要取得怎樣成績, 人民生活要怎樣大幅改善, 才能收貨。我認為澳洲人要的, 是政府能給他們對將來清晰的出路及盼望, 使他們知道疫情過後, 澳洲社會如何能恢復過來。

經過兩年新冠疫情, 全世界的人都感受到抗疫疲累, Omicron極有可能是一個契機, 結束這一次新冠大流行。假設受Omicron感染是無法避免的事, 而全面接種疫苗者多不會有重症及死亡, 那麼在感染康復後,絕大多數的澳洲人對新冠病毒都有抗體時, 澳洲社會應該怎樣走下去?

是時候我們的領袖, 要告訴澳洲人, 在後新冠時代的願景, 並且鼓勵澳洲人憑信心前行, 帶著盼望, 走出疫症的綑鎖。

只有那些能給人盼望的領袖, 才能繼續帶領澳洲走下去。

讓這一次聯邦政府的選舉, 政府及反對黨能提出方向及出路, 給澳洲人選擇, 到底我們要怎樣走下去?

周偉文 社長

We need leaders with vision

This is a year for federal election. The way this government is handling the pandemic will impact very much on the way people vote.

The arrival of Omicron in last November had changed course of the government’s plan to ‘live with the virus’. The sudden explosion of Covid cases had failed the state and commonwealth governments’ responses in testing, isolation and ordered running of the society and businesses. Despite a drop in the latest poll, fortunately the government still holds fine as the supply of vaccines for those aged 5-11 and booster shots for adults are under good control, and given Omicron’s mild symptoms, hence death rate is still low and our hospital system can still cope.  

Can Morrison demonstrate his leadership amid this Covid crisis ahead of the election and catch up to win as he did last round? The opposition party supposedly is hard to win support from the electorates unless the serving government fails to keep their territory. So what Morrison can put on the table this time? 

I believe not many people over these two pandemic years would still expect something very positive coming out of the Australian economy and living standard. I think they would rather expect to see clear outlet and hope in the years to come on recovering from the pandemic.

Everyone is tired of the pandemic. Omicron could be a way out of it. On the assumption that Omicron is unstoppable but it is not that damaging on the fully vaccinated, so what would happen if vast of the population would get immunity ultimately?

It is time for our leader to tell us about his vision of post-Covid time and to encourage people to walk out of the pandemic with faith and hope.

Only leaders who can offer hope can lead Australia to move on.

In the coming federal election, hope the leaders of both parties can show us the direction and way ahead for Australians to choose.

Mr. Raymond Chow, Publisher