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653 動盪之中更要明白我們是誰?

To know who we are in turbulence

烏克蘭危機在俄羅斯宣佈承認烏克蘭東部分離地區「頓涅茨克人民共和國」和「盧甘斯克人民共和國」為獨立國家,並派軍隊進入用「維持和平部隊」,烏克蘭局勢急轉直下。聯合國安全理事會其後召開緊急會議, 出席理事國代表大多譴責俄羅斯入侵烏克蘭領土, 要求俄羅斯撤軍, 並實施經濟制裁。事件如何發展下去, 成為全球關注。

這是自第二次世界大戰後, 歐洲出現最緊張的時刻, 面對俄羅斯的擴張, 西方國家是否能有效阻止, 還是繼續綏靖政策, 口中說說抗議而沒有採取有效行動, 令人關注。歐洲離澳洲極遠, 看似與澳洲沒有多少關係, 不過, 不少人相信西方社會的態度, 將影響習近平面對中美角力的取向。而澳洲在亞太地區, 已成為西方社會與中國緊張關係的前線, 因此澳洲總理也主動表示對事件的關注。

全球化改變了我們對政治的關注。歐洲的戰爭帶來難民, 必定影響到澳洲的移民政策及經濟發展等, 就正如香港管治改變, 澳洲政府也給香港人定居的機會。現時中澳關係緊張下, 也成為聯邦大選的焦點, 最新的民調顯示社會可能信任工黨領袖比總理更有能力處理中澳關係。過往20多年, 大批中國人移民澳洲, 成為最大的少數族群, 相信在未來聯邦大選中, 成為兩黨重點爭取選票的社群。要是這樣, 華人怎樣看待自己的身份及在澳洲社會的角色, 相信是澳洲社會不能忽視的。

倒轉過來, 移民來澳洲的華人, 應該是決心生根在這一個社會的, 因為我們的下一代、下下一代等都已和澳洲分不開, 不能回到我們來的地方去, 我們是否又要認真想一下, 我們該怎樣把這一片土地, 看成為我們的永遠的家呢? 不少華人仍以自己為中國人, 卻連自己的下一代都不會認同, 這是不是一廂情願呢?

面對新冠疫情, 很多人常把澳洲防疫政策與中國相比, 有意思嗎?能比較嗎?中國極端的清零防疫政策, 假設了人可以放棄自由和自主, 任由政府操控日常生活行為, 在澳洲能實行嗎? 要是我們真的植根在澳洲, 大概我們也要再想一下我們的生活方式, 如何與澳洲接軌吧。


 To know who we are in turbulence

Ukraine’s crisis has escalated as Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his recognition of the independence of two separatist-held region of Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine, followed by Russian troops marching in for peace keeping. The UN Security Council slammed the move at an emergency meeting and demanded a withdrawal of troop while endorsing a new sanction on Russia. The world is watching.

This could be the tensest face-off in Europe since WWII, with Russia on a military move and the western countries keep raising objection but without real action. With them a world apart from Australia it seems we are not bothered. But many feel the way it unfolds will has a bearing on China’s stance on the power struggle with the US in our pan pacific region. Australia geographically could bear an upfront impact hence our PM has raised his grave concern.

Globalisation has changed our political sense. Refugees from a far war in Europe could affect immigration policy and economy in here; same as a political change in Hong Kong could result in their granted immigration. The China Australia relation is affecting our federal election to some extent, as polls tell the Labor Party may handle the relation better than the PM. Influx of Chinese immigrants over the past 20 years has made us the largest ethnic minority population that could tilt the electoral balance. It will be crucial for us as Chinese to know our identity and role in the Australian society.

On the other hand, Chinese on immigration should see this land as a new home for ourselves and our generations to come. We are part of this country and we should take this for good with no return. Some Chinese still see themselves as citizens of China, however their next generations will see Australia as their home. And the Chinese government also will never treat them as Chinese citizens. Are they just cheating themselves?

Even on Covid handling many of us are still making unnecessary comparison with the situation in mainland China. Under China’s absolute ‘zero policy’ everyone’s right and freedom must give way to government control but could not be workable in Australia. If we are to stay living in this country we better off working out how we could fit the living mode in here.

Mr. Raymond Chow, Publisher