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656 人類的暴行

Human Atrocities

俄羅斯在烏克蘭北部撤退, 烏克蘭軍隊回到布查鎮, 發現它不單成為廢墟, 更揭發了俄羅斯軍隊濫殺平民、強姦婦女、進行種族滅絕的暴行。據報超過410名平民被綁著槍殺, 不少是從後腦被直接開槍殺害, 其中還有兒童, 更有人曝屍街上多天。

事件被發現後, 俄羅斯官方矢口否認, 並指控是烏克蘭殺害自己國民, 嫁禍俄羅斯。看到滿目瘡痍的布查鎮及聽到鎮上居民的控訴, 俄羅斯的否認相信沒有多少說服力, 及令人相信。紐約時報其後比較3月中衛生拍攝圖片, 證實在路上屍體陳列情況, 和今天發現相同, 俄羅斯否認的說辭不攻自破。

美國總統拜登稱普京為容許軍隊作出這樣的暴行, 已成為戰爭罪犯, 應接受審訊, 而俄羅斯軍隊的向沒有武裝的平民百姓作出種種殘忍虐待暴行, 已違反了人道法規, 引起了公憤。在不少國家要求下, 聯合國將作出調查, 加以進一步制裁。

歐盟委員會主席烏蘇拉‧馮德萊恩在周二前往基輔與澤連斯基總統會面, 進一步商討事件發展。明顯地, 俄羅斯軍隊的暴行, 在全球各國引起極大反應, 而各國在俄烏戰爭的取態, 極有可能會擴大戰事的進行。

澤連斯基發表演說, 就這樣的暴行譴責俄羅斯, 認為他們有一天會面對審訊。他更向各國領袖游說, 用他的說話表示, 「若你們已經給我們所需要的所有飛機、坦克、武器、反導彈及反戰艦武器, 我們已可救回數以千計的生命。我不怪責你們, 我只怪俄羅斯的軍隊。不過, 你們其實是可以幫助了我們的。」

這一番言論, 確實令到站在旁邊觀看, 猶豫不決, 恐怕給予烏克蘭支持而會得罪俄羅斯的政治領袖們, 一記無言的控訴。地球上我們可以分成不同的國家, 有不同的政治想法或制度, 但作為人類的一份子, 我們總有人性的底線, 就算是在戰爭之時, 我們也不會忘記把別人看成為人類一份子。

野心家或崇尚權力, 但以殘殺平民百姓的戰爭來達到自己個人的野心, 是自絕於人類社會, 引起公憤。袖手旁觀或藉此而為自己爭取好處的, 其實也參與了這樣的暴行, 令人髮指。

我相信創造世界的神, 也是伸張公義的神, 有一天會為這些受到傷害的人伸冤。不過, 今天我仍然無語。

周偉文, 社長

Human Atrocities

While Russian army is retreating from northern Ukraine, Ukrainian army returning to Butcha have discovered terrible acts of slaughtering, raping, ethnic cleaning. It was reported that over 410 civilians including children were tied up to be shot in execution mode, and the corpses were dumped on the street.

Russian officials then denied by claiming that it was Ukrainians’ own act to put the blame on them. Seeing the ruined Butcha and hearing the accusation on the streets would hardly make Russian’s denial believable. The New York Times later did the research on satellite photos taken in mid-March suggested that corpses on the road were similar to the presently reported ones. The denial by Russia was unsubstantiated by these facts.

US President Biden said it is a war crime subject to trial for Putin to allow the army in such cruel and inhuman acts on the unarmed civilians. The UN is under demand to make further investigation and take harder sanction on Russia.  

President of EU Commission Ursula Von Der met with Zelenskyy in Kiev on Tuesday to address the issue. Russian army’s atrocityt has triggered outrage around the world and this could escalate this 2-sided war to a wider scale.

In Zelenskyy’s speech he said Russian’s atrocity would be prosecuted one day and he appealed to support from other nations by saying : “And if you have had already got what we needed, all these planes, tanks, artillery, anti missile and anti ship weapons, we could have saved thousands of people. I do not blame you. I blame only the Russian military. But you could have helped.”

This indeed was a snap on the face to the countries on the sideline fearing to side with Ukraine could provoke Russia. Our world could have different countries with different political views and systems, but there must be a common bottom line for humanity not to be forsaken even in the midst of wars.

Aggressors are after power, but it is unacceptable for them to take inhuman means such as slaughtering the innocent. By not doing anything to it on any ground of self interest is already a participation in the atrocity.

I believe our Creator God is righteous and He will speak for the innocent victims. I remain speechless to-date.

Raymond Chow, Publisher