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共渡時艱                 周偉文


Walk through hardship          Raymond Chow , Publisher


There has been over a hundred new COVID19 cases confirmed in capital Beijing where the Chinese government is not taking any chance in response. The epidemic crisis in China was under control since March and the society has been coming out from the lockdown. It is not sure the recent cases belong to just a minor spike or point to the second wave crisis. No country wants in the wrong direction as when the society slowly reopens, so it is critical for all people to be fully alert in all hygiene precautionary measures when social interactions intensify. The world including Australia is watching closely on the development in Beijing as a reference while we are on the path of easing restrictions.
This pandemic reminds us of how powerless is humanity in taking control of the world, we should come out of our own pride and rather learn how to appreciate what around has been granted to us. This time we should also learn we are not just individual entities and we need to care about public safety as a whole. A few inconsiderate persons could put the whole community at risk. Everyone in the society is interconnected. A few careless occasions could lead to dreadful outcome.
Earlier on more than ten thousands turned up in a Melbourne ‘black lives matter’ protest, despite government’s objection and warning that it could pose great community infection risk. We have freedom of expression but not in the expense of community health. There have been indeed confirmed infections coming out from the rally though not widespread. Yes it is hard to find a balance between personal right and public interest. The government can only advise all rally participants be alert of their health condition and to practise social isolation as deemed.
The government is working hard on the economic recovery; many are expecting the Jobkeeper scheme to continue supporting this process. But some are worried as the Prime Minister expressed his reserved position on the Scheme. With more businesses closing down means higher unemployment rate and lower national spending power, thus further downturn of our economy will be inevitable.
Up against challenges amid uncertain time, only God can grant us the courage and faith to walk through hands in hands.

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